Refreshing flavor, vitamins and health-friendly properties. It is the presentation of the Valencian tigernut, the only one in the world with an exclusive Denomination of Origin.

Few things as Valencian as horchata. Or a tigernut shake, to speak more appropriately, although, almost already in summer, when the heat really hits, paying attention to the literality of the name of this refreshing flavor is almost anecdotal. But yes, the horchata from Valencia is something to take into account especially in these months because It is a centuries-old recipe that relieves the temperature and is fed –and never better said- from the best local raw material, the tigernut with Denomination of Origin of the land. Nothing closer, nothing more universal.

It is a very popular drink that, however, has very special aspects that make it unique. The flavor is the most obvious, and it is not for less because the ‘formula’ of the “tigernut milk” has millenary roots in different cultures throughout the globe but it was to find in the Spanish Levante a level of symbol and exquisiteness available to all. So much so that how to prepare it had already been explained in a medieval treatise written in Valencian that could well be considered the 1080 recipes of the time, the Book of St. Sovereign, dated 1384. In the pages of this compendium of the cuisine of the moment, among dishes where game and vegetables from the orchards abound, this tigernut-based drink appears, a tuber whose cultivation in Spain was limited then and even now to a small area of ​​the former Kingdom of Valencia.

And is that the nerve center of the best tigernut are some of the municipalities of the region of l’Horta Nord, a territory whose climate and soil quality characteristics favor the highest quality cultivation that makes the difference in the final product. It is the main reason that producers in the area defend the Valencian tigernut as a Unique cultivation through the institution of the Denomination of Origin Valencia. And it is not trivial, since when it comes to making the best horchata, it is said and not without reason that there are only two types of tigernuts: these Valencian and the rest.

Identification of the Valencian tigernut with Denomination of Origin

Identification of the Valencian tigernut with Denomination of Origin

This Denomination of Origin seal, created in 1987, values ​​the work of these farmers and helps them develop the local economy. But, at the same time, also allows the consumer to quickly identify the horchata made with the best variety of tigernut. And it is that through this certificate, clearly visible on the packaging, you can know directly that the product you buy responds to the unique characteristics of the 100% Valencian tigernut and to production processes that combine scrupulous respect for regulations and tradition. horchatera so present in the region throughout history.

Choosing horchata made with tigernut from Denomination of Origin is important to enjoy a finer flavor and a more powerful texture but also to take full advantage of the qualities of this tuber whose consumption is recommended for people of any age. In fact, tigernut is one of the foods that, due to its composition and qualities, fully fall into the category of superfoods.

According to researchers from the University of Valencia (UV), its properties include being very healthy for the digestive system for its high starch and amino acid content and for being rich in minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and iron, as well as having proteins and unsaturated fats.

This ‘formula’ positions horchata as a natural, healthy and very attractive solution to deal with different health problems or as a reinforcement for a balanced diet for population groups that have specific nutritional needs, such as those such as pregnant mothers, for example, to whom this drink can help in the formation of the fetus. For children and adolescents This ‘tigernut milk’ is also a perfect complement to complement your diet, especially in the growth stage thanks to its contribution of vitamins, especially C and E.

According to UV studies, The consumption of tigernut is also recommended for people who have gluten intolerance or are celiac since the absence of gluten and lactose in its composition eliminates this problem. For the digestive system, in general, it is also very advisable, especially for the regulation of the intestinal tract and the elimination of gases. The presence of starch can benefit in cases of diarrhea and, on the contrary, and being a food rich in fiber, it is also indicated to treat constipation.

Studies that have focused on the capabilities of tigernut also offer other equally interesting conclusions. For example, they position it as a very useful to help in case of hypertension due to its sodium content and the ability of another of its components, arginine, to stimulate vasodilation. Amino acids, in this sense, are also the key to taking care of those who suffer from kidney disease and even diabetes, as long as the horchata lacks added sugars in this case. They are small applications that They add up to keep us in top shape and, now that the heat is already constant, also fresh with the best flavor of the land.