Taking a natural yogurt every day can help reduce the risk of heart disease and improve our immune system.

Two glass containers of natural yogurt.

The yogurt aisle is one of the mandatory stops in the supermarket when we do the weekly shopping. The most common is that each member of the family has a favorite one: some ask for it skimmed, others with pieces of fruit or even made from soybeans. Anyway, you don’t need to warm your head, the best yogurt we can have is the best known in Spain: natural yogurt.

While flavored yogurts or even those that contain pieces of fruit carry a percentage of sugars that prevent us from considering them healthy, natural yogurt is a recommended food. Skimmed yogurts that are also natural are not a bad option, but those made with whole milk are more beneficial because they contain more healthy nutrients.

A very typical dinner in Spain consists of a piece of fruit and a natural yogurt. As explained in this EL ESPAÑOL article, this menu can be considered healthy as long as during the rest of the day we have consumed foods from the other nutritional groups. That is, healthy proteins, whole grains, but above all, 50% of what we have eaten should be fruits and vegetables.

Metabolic syndrome

Plain yogurt can also be a healthy snack or an ideal dessert to finish lunch or dinner –eye! It should never replace fruit but rather complement it-. Now, yogurts, like other dairy products, are not essential foods in the diet, despite the fact that we have been told on many occasions that we must consume them every day of our lives.

Now, some scientific studies have observed health benefits for those who regularly eat plain yogurt. One of them is that it reduces the risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome, according to this study by the Center for Biomedical Research on the Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition Network (Ciberobn). This condition is characterized by an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

People with metabolic syndrome usually have a dangerous amount of fat accumulated around the waist, or abdominal obesity, and high blood levels of triglycerides, cholesterol little, sugar and pressure. Yogurts with sugar, in this sense, not only do not have these benefits, but can worsen our health in this sense if we take them daily and our diet is not healthy.

More immunity

However, it is possible that the benefit that we associate most with the regular consumption of natural yogurts has to do with intestinal health. Our mothers and grandmothers insisted that we take it when we felt sick to our stomach and, as the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) explains, they were right. According to the agency, the consumption of natural yogurt reduces infant and traveler’s diarrhea.

Plain yogurts are foods loaded with probiotics. That is, they contain living beings that can be beneficial to our health.. It is a series of bacteria involved in the fermentation and making of yogurt. Of course, to be beneficial they must survive digestion and settle in the intestine. Therefore, it is important to eat white yogurt regularly.

The Spanish Society for Community Nutrition (SENC) and the Spanish Foundation for the Digestive System (FEAD) agree that regular consumption of natural yogurts ends up reducing our immune system. A healthy intestinal microbiota protects the body from the entry of pathogenic microorganisms and stimulates the immune system.