A Catalan study shows that colorectal cancer makes people more likely to suffer from a serious form of the disease.

Several health workers treat a patient with COVID-19 at the Ferrol University Hospital Complex.

People with colorectal cancer have more likely to have a severe Covid-19 infection, according to a study by the Hospital Parc Taulí de Sabadell that reveals that 21% of patients with this type of cancer suffered more severely from the virus.

The Mrisk-Covid study on chronic multimorbidity and Covid-19 has analyzed 14,280 patients from the Sabadell hospital between 25 and 95 years old who tested positive for the virus or were suspected of suffering from the disease between February 27 and June 15, 2020.

The results show that among patients with colorectal cancer and Covid-19, 21% suffered from the disease severely, while in people without cancer this figure decreases to 9.4%.

“We have detected that of the 236 patients with colon, rectal or colorectal cancer, who suffered Covid-19 at the same time, they evolved more frequently in a serious way, a fact that this was not the case in patients with other neoplasms“, Explained the doctor and main researcher of the study, Marisa Baré.

The results of this work, according to Baré, reaffirm the importance of early detection of colorectal cancer.

In this sense, the doctor encourages the population to participate in cancer screening to “catch the tumor before it spreads“.

In the last screening of the Vallès Occidental, which includes the Parc Taulí action area, 80,171 people participated and 5.2% of positive cases of occult blood loss in feces were detected and 138 colorectal cancers.

“The colorectal is the cancer with the highest incidence in Spain, where almost 45,000 new cases are diagnosed annually; It is a pathology that is estimated to affect one in twenty men and one in thirty women before the age of 75 ”, they have added from the health center.

The vast majority (around 70% of cases) of this type of malignant tumors are located around 70 years of age.

The most common symptoms of colon cancer They are the formation of slowly growing polyps and occult blood in the stool. Both are located in many early diagnosis programs, but that usually start from the age of 50, a year before the singer debuted with the disease.

“In the cases in which there is a family history, the tests are started earlier“, He stressed for this newspaper the oncologist at the University of Navarra Clinic Mayte Herráiz from Pamplona.