Summer temperatures come to an abrupt end this week to give way through a series of fronts to a more autumnal weather.

The formation of the cold storm off the Iberian Peninsula.  The time is

The autumn atmosphere begins to settle in this Monday. A significant drop in temperatures across the board in the Peninsula and an increase in instability with rainfall in most of the country, according advance

The west of the country will be the first area to notice the change in weather, where on Monday there could be a decrease of the maximum of about 7-8ºC. During this day the first associated rainfall to this autumn episode that they will be advancing towards the east. The Rainfall will affect the entire central peninsula strip and being able to reach the eastern half at the last minute.

Asturias, Castilla y León, Extremadura and Galicia are this Monday on yellow alert (risk) for rains that can accumulate up to 15 liters per square meter in an hour and by storms that can be accompanied by strong wind and hail, While in the Basque Country there is a warning for high temperatures.

As reported by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) on its website, the rain could make an appearance with greater intensity today in almost the entire community of Castilla y León, specifically in the provinces of León, Salamanca, Zamora, Ávila, Palencia and Valladolid, in which storms could also occur accompanied by possible gusts of strong wind and hail.There is also notice of intense rains -up to 15 liters per square meter in an hour- in Cáceres (Extremadura), Asturias and Galicia, in the latter case especially in the center and mountain areas of Lugo and Orense where, as in the rest of the regions, there is a risk of storms, strong winds and hail.Only in the Basque Country there is yellow warning for heat that affects the interior of Vizcaya, which could reach a maximum of 35 degrees, and Guipúzcoa, where the thermometers can rise to 34 degrees on this day.

The More important rainfalls on Tuesday may occur in Galicia and Asturias and other areas of the northern half of the country. The Canary Islands will be left out of this situation, there will not drop temperatures or rain is expected at the beginning of the week.

Uncertainty for September

Uncertainty increases in the weather forecast as of Wednesday. The forecast points to the possible formation of a storm in the northwest of the peninsula That could leave time very unstable. However, there may be important changes in the forecast in a week that points to autumn weather and something choppy in Spain.

Thermometers are expected to suffer a significant decline next Monday, with values ​​of Maximum temperatures somewhat below normal for this time of year. In the following days the cool environment with maximum values ​​below 30ºC and even 25ºC.

The trend for the period from September 14 to October 4, 2020, according the anomaly maps with respect to the climatology of 20years of the prediction model of the European Center (VarEPS-Monthly) that AEMET elaborates, is that the rains are retreating, but that the temperatures present anomalies of between -1ºC and -3ºC in the Atlantic slope and the center of the Peninsula.