The OCU has carried out an analysis of 41 packaged gazpachos, most of them with a recommended nutritional profile.

A delicious gazpacho.

Tomato, pepper, cucumber, onion and garlic, plus a small amount of virgin olive oil, vinegar and salt. It is, basically, the recipe for the 41 refrigerated packaged gazpachos analyzed by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), whose classification leads the Gazpacho Raf de Santa Teresa, with a price of 5.05 euros / liter and the highest valuation in tasting according to a panel of expert tasters. It stands out for its flavor of ripe tomato and very balanced in vegetables, appreciating the taste of oil; it also has a nice color and a good smell. In short, a healthy product rich in antioxidants that are extracted directly from the vegetables that make it up.

Now, you don’t have to spend so much to consume a quality gazpacho: there are supermarket brand products for less than 1.50 euros per liter with a very good nutritional profile, without additives and that also share a high valuation in tasting. As the next four in the ranking, among which the Traditional Gazpacho by Chef Select that Aldi sells (1.19 euros / liter) stands out, with the best value for money among those analyzed.

As can be seen in the comparator of the OCU, no processing and hygiene problems have been detected in any of the gazpachos analyzed. Furthermore, whether or not a product is subjected to a heat treatment, such as pasteurization, does not imply differences in the final quality of the product. In fact, the so-called “fresh” gazpachos, many of which do not have a preservation treatment, are not necessarily more flavorful or nutritious. Of course, they are on average 20% more expensive and are usually distinguished by being sold in a pet plastic container, compared to the traditional brik.

The OCU recommends entering the gazpacho in the daily diet. It is a natural source of vitamins and minerals, has a powerful antioxidant effect and is a low calorie food. In fact, packaged gazpacho has fewer calories than a homemade gazpachoSince it does not incorporate bread and the amount of olive oil is limited, it rarely exceeds 3%. On the contrary, it has less fiber, since, unlike the traditional recipe, the vegetables are usually peeled and this cold soup has to go through a series of sieves.