The Spanish Food Safety Agency has issued an alert to warn of the presence of sulfites in some dried lily pads.

The Spanish Agency for Food Health and Nutrition (Aesan), which depends on the Ministry of Consumption, has warned of the presence of undeclared sulfites on the labeling of dried lily bulbs from Nature’s Best Harvest. Sulfites are substances that are used in the food industry to

Specifically, the product Dried Lily Bulbs is affected with EAN No. 8 717624 005039 barcode, best before date of October 20, 2022 and in a 15-gram package.

The product, from China, has been distributed in several countries of the European Union, among which is Spain. The presence of sulfur dioxide not declared on the labeling has been discovered after an official control on the market. The company has contacted customers to proceed with the withdrawal of the product.

The Aesan has become aware of this alert through a notification from the Danish health authorities, through the European Food Alert Network (Rasff), and has transferred it to all autonomous communities through the Coordinated System for Rapid Information Exchange (Sciri).

As a precautionary measure, Aesan recommends those consumers allergic to sulfites to refrain from consuming it. In any case, the Agency reminds that the consumption of this product does not imply any risk for other consumers.