The horticultural federation asks the Government to consider plants and flowers as basic necessities, as is the case in other countries.

A flower garden.

The Fepex fruit and vegetable federation has requested the Spanish Government to recognition of flowers and plants as essential products, as is already the case in other countries of the European Union (EU), sources from this organization have assured.

In his opinion, the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted some of the main weaknesses that the sector has to deal with urgently, such as improve flower and plant positioning as staple products in garden centers and on the shelves of Spanish distribution chains.

In a statement, they have predicted that the incorporation of these products into the supply of all distribution chains will make Spain in the coming years the country with the highest increase in the consumption of flowers and plants from all over Europe.

In fact – they have explained – the appearance of the pandemic has caused many consumers to have appreciated the existence of flowers and plants as products that purify and perform a natural cleaning of the air in closed spaces eliminating toxic agents.

“Flowers and ornamental, aromatic and edible flower plants, as well as plants for the creation of an urban garden are clear examples of categories that have arisen due to the growing desire in consumers to have more natural and healthy shelves” in supermarkets and hypermarkets, they have specified.

The value of intra-community trade in flowers and plants exceeded 11,500 million euros in 2019, “Which clearly demonstrates the importance of the sector in practically all European countries and especially in the distribution chains”, they have sentenced.

As explained in this EL ESPAÑOL article, be it small, medium or large, having a garden at home is a little luxury that we can make a reality if we have enough space and the minimum time to dedicate it to them. Plant care and maintenance is crucial and we cannot abandon it, whatever time of year it is.

For this we must take into account the type of flowers and plants that we have and tell us what they need. Although there are some essential steps that we must follow with all types of gardens, such as water, keep the soil in good condition, prune, transplant …

All those who want to enter this world or have done so recently, should have certain essential gardening tools for plants.

Classic gardening tools

A kit with classic garden tools that in this case consists of a transplant trowel with depth mark, floor trowel with teeth and pruning shears little. All three elements are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and rust. They also feature an ergonomic design so that the handle provides great grip and handling. As characteristics of each element, we can indicate that the scissors are suitable for 2-millimeter branches, that the transplant trowel has a depth gauge to be more precise when introducing it into the ground, and that the shovel with teeth facilitates incisions and is even useful. to open compost or seed packages.

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Another tool to consider is the adze-fork. By having a double head with two toolsWith it, we can prepare the land when it comes to small spaces, make holes and holes or furrows for irrigation. It also fulfills the function of flatten the soil and remove dry leaves or superficial branches. It is made of fiberglass and is light and resistant.

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Gardening gloves

When treating a garden, most tasks involve touching the soil or plants and this leads to getting our hands dirty. In addition, sometimes we use tools that can do us some harm and that is why we need protection. For this we recommend using some special gloves for gardening like these. They are light, flexible, resistant and have a part impermeable. By having a seamless lining, they are more comfortable to the touch. They are also suitable for small works or construction work, storage and DIY work The pack brings 10 pairs of gloves.

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Irrigation hose

Irrigation is a key factor in keeping any garden healthy and cared for. You can water with different objects such as buckets or watering cans, but in this case we recommend one irrigation hose since it is much more comfortable and functional. This one from Gardena allows water up to 10 meters away of the tap in which you connect it, it has a roll-up spiral structure so that it takes up less space when folding it and its handling is quick and easy. Its head works with a system that is activated by pressing when you want the water to come out, if not, it will remain closed. Its watering can dispenser makes the water is more evenly distributed and falls gently on the plants.

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Universal plant fertilizer

You have the plants directly in the soil of the ground or put in a pot, have control of the state of the land from which they are nourished it is another important factor for them to grow well. From time to time it is necessary remove and enrich with substrates or fertilizers that provide the necessary nutrients. This one from Compo Sana is universal, so you can use it in any type of soil or land. The bag features 10 liters of compost and the PH value is 5.0-6.5.

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