The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) foresees stormy precipitations for tomorrow in Galicia, the Catalan Pyrenees and Mallorca.

Forecast for Tuesday, September 22.

The forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) announce cloudy skies for this Tuesday in various parts of Spain, with precipitations that can be strong and stormy in western Galicia, the Catalan Pyrenees and Mallorca.

The rains can spread, already weaker and more dispersed, to other areas of the middle north of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, while the rest of the peninsula will have intervals of medium and high clouds, which will also appear in the north of the Canary Islands.

Forecast for September 22.

The temperatures will remain unchanged and the winds will blow in a southwesterly direction on the Galician coast and the Mediterranean area, with a northern component in the Canary Islands and a light variable in the rest of the country.

Prediction by autonomous communities:

– GALICIA: Partly cloudy sky on the coast in the morning, although it will be covered throughout the day until occasionally causing stormy rains, which will extend from southwest to northeast and will be especially strong and persistent on the south coast and southwest of Orense; morning fogs in the interior and temperatures with slight decreases in the minimum and increases in the maximum; Light wind from south and southwest component.

– ASTURIAS: Few clouds in the early morning that will increase in the afternoon and will bring rains to the western third of the region, less likely in the eastern; morning mists and some fog banks in the interior with minimum temperatures slightly downwards and maximums upwards and variable light winds.

– CANTABRIA: Clear at the beginning of the day, although after noon the cloudy intervals will arrive with weak rains and scattered showers, more intense and frequent in the Liébana region; slight changes in temperatures, with decreases in the minimums and rises in the maximums, and a variable loose wind from the west and northwest component on the coast during the first half of the day that will tend to a southern component throughout the autonomous community at the end of the day .

– BASQUE COUNTRY: In the morning, only some light rain is expected at the eastern end of the coast and some low clouds in the interior but, from noon, the cloudiness will increase with more occasional showers that will be unlikely in the south of Álava; rising maximum temperatures and decreasing minimum temperatures in the northwestern half; The wind will be light variable with a tendency in the morning to a west and northwest component and, at the end of the day, to a south component.

– CASTILLA Y LEÓN: In the early hours of the day, few clouds are expected, which will appear low and at intervals, although in the afternoon the sky will be covered in the west of the region, with showers accompanied occasionally by storms; Morning mists and fog banks: minimum temperatures will drop slightly and maximum temperatures will rise in the northwest, while the wind will blow with a west and southwest component.

– NAVARRA: Few clouds at the beginning of the day, although the sky will tend to be covered after noon and will leave weak rains and scattered showers in the northern half, which will be more likely and even stormy in the northwest and the Pyrenees; Minimum temperatures tend to fall in the southeast and rise in the rest of the region and the wind will be light, variable with a predominance of the west and northwest components.

– THE RIOJA: Some low clouds in the morning and evolving cloudiness in the afternoon, without ruling out scattered and occasional showers; the thermometers will practically not move except in the minimum ones, which will drop slightly; the wind will be light, with a west and northwest component in the valley and variable in the mountains.

– ARAGON: Little cloudiness in the morning, which will evolve in the afternoon, mainly in mountain areas, where the occasional shower and storm are expected, especially in the Pyrenees and east of Teruel; Temperatures without great changes, although the minimum ones will fall and light wind with a predominance of the west component.

– CATALONIA: Cloudy intervals and morning fogs that will give way during the second half of the day to showers and occasional storms in the eastern half, the Pyrenees and the extreme south of Tarragona; the thermometers will not change much although the minimum ones will tend to go down; Wind of west and northwest component in the morning and loose with moderate intervals of northwest direction in Ampurdán and the south coast, although in the afternoon it will tend to south component.

– EXTREMADURA: Weak showers in the northwest are not ruled out in a day that will feature intervals of high clouds that will increase to overcast skies to the north; Minimum temperatures without changes and maximum temperatures in slight ascent and light wind from the west component, more intense during the afternoon.

– MADRID: Generally clear sky although with intervals of high clouds that will be accompanied by cloudiness of diurnal evolution in the mountains, where it could download an occasional shower; Thermometers generally unchanged, although they could drop slightly in the southeast quadrant, and variable light wind with a predominance of the southwest direction from noon.

– CASTILLA LA MANCHA: Intervals of high clouds accompanied by medium clouds in Guadalajara, with a low probability of weak rainfall in the mountains and possible morning fogs and fog banks both north of Guadalajara and in points of the southeast quadrant; The temperatures do not have many changes, except the decrease of the minimum in the northeast quadrant, and the wind will be variable loose.

– VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: High clouds in the morning and daytime cloudiness with occasional showers in the north in the afternoon; the minimum temperatures will drop slightly and the maximum will practically remain unchanged; weak wind with a predominance of the west component and, in Castellón, Alicante and the Valencian coast, with a tendency to weak from the south component and moderate intervals.

– MURCIA: Medium and high cloudiness in the entire region, with the thermometers without too many changes and the wind, a loose variable with a southwesterly trend and increasing along the coast.

– BALEARES: Cloudy intervals with occasional showers that can be accompanied by a storm and be locally strong, especially in the northeast of Mallorca in the afternoon; Morning mists and temperatures practically unchanged, with a light westerly wind and coastal breezes.

– ANDALUSIA: Medium and high clouds throughout the Autonomous Community, with decreasing minimum temperatures and maximum temperatures without changes; The wind will generally be a loose variable with a general tendency to the west component and will increase on the coast, while in the Strait it will blow west.

– CANARY ISLANDS: Predominance of medium and high cloudiness in the islands with more relief and clear with some low cloud early in the morning on the eastern coast; the haze will affect high levels although it will tend to subside and temperatures will rise and may even reach 34 degrees locally in parts of Gran Canaria and also in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Tenerife; the light or moderate wind from northeast direction.