The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) foresees heavy and persistent rains in large areas of the peninsula for tomorrow.

A woman protects herself from the rain with an umbrella in Valencia.

It is planned for this Saturday heavy or persistent rainfall in the west of the Central system, in the Pyrenean area, in Catalonia and, in the afternoon, in the Cantabrian mountain range, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

In northwest Skies covered with rains and widespread showers are expected, occasionally accompanied by storms, which can spread in a weaker and isolated way to other parts of the peninsula and also to the Balearic Islands.

The southeastern third will have only some cloudy intervals, although the trend is for clearer skies, while in the Canary Islands the clouds will be seen only in the north of the archipelago.

Maximum temperatures falling in the northwest of the peninsula, on the rise in Andalusia and Levante and with little change in the rest.

The wind will be moderate and in a southwest direction in most of the country, including the Balearic Islands, except in the Canary Islands where it will have a northeast direction.

Prediction by autonomous communities:

– GALICIA: Occasionally stormy showers and showers that can be locally heavy in Orense in the afternoon; minimum temperatures with few changes and maximums without changes or in slight decrease, more pronounced in the southwest of Pontevedra and the mountainous areas of the southeast; Variable loose wind with a predominance of south and southwest component, which will intensify in the morning on the coast south of Finisterre.

– ASTURIAS: Overcast and stormy skies, especially in the mountain range and Picos de Europa during the second half of the day; minimum temperatures down and maximum temperatures unchanged or also slightly decreasing; Loose wind with a predominance of west and northwest component, more intense on the coast during the central hours of the day.

– CANTABRIA: Sky covered with light rains and showers accompanied occasionally by storms that, in the afternoon, will be locally strong in Liébana; falling temperatures and southwesterly direction winds, with a tendency to weak west on the coast and variable in the interior.

– BASQUE COUNTRY: Clouds with light rains and showers, occasionally accompanied by storms, and decreasing temperatures with a south and southwest component, which will tend to be weak from the west component on the coast and variable in the interior.

– CASTILLA Y LEÓN: Generalized rains and showers with some storms that can be locally strong and persistent in the extreme southwest and in the Cantabrian mountain range; unchanged or slightly decreasing temperatures and southwest wind.

– NAVARRA: The cloudy intervals will tend to maintain a cloudy sky that in the afternoon will bring showers and storms, unlikely in the south of the Ribera region; thermometers will drop although the decline will be lighter in the Tudela area; Loose wind from the south and a tendency to change in the afternoon.

– THE RIOJA: Cloudy with a few showers that may occasionally be accompanied by thunderstorms; Falling temperatures, more pronounced in the maximums, and a southerly component wind.

– ARAGON: In Huesca, covered with rainfall and storms that will be locally persistent in the Pyrenees and will subside at the end of the afternoon, while in the rest of the autonomous community there will be cloudy intervals; the temperatures, in slight decrease or without changes, except the maximum of Teruel, where they will rise slightly; The wind will be light from the east component in the north half and light to moderate from the southwest direction in the rest.

– CATALONIA: Cloudy with locally strong rainfall and storms early in the day, which will subside later, although an isolated shower in the afternoon in the northern half is not ruled out; the temperatures will not vary and if they do it will be slightly down; the wind will be variable light with a moderate predominance of the southern component in Ampurdán and light in the rest of the region.

– EXTREMADURA: Overcast sky with a tendency to cloudy intervals at the end of the day and some rains and showers, occasionally stormy in the northern half and weaker and more scattered, in the south; Temperatures without changes or with a slight rise in the maximums and wind from the south and southwest component with a tendency to the west component in the afternoon.

– MADRID: The first hour covered sky will open at the end of the day, although rains and showers are expected in the mountains with some storms that can spread, in a weaker and occasional way, to the rest of the community both in the early morning and during the central hours of the day; thermometers unchanged and a south component wind that will roll southwest in the afternoon.

– CASTILLA LA MANCHA: Cloudy in most of the region except the southeast, with occasionally stormy rains in the northern half and the southwest especially in mountainous areas, although the cloudiness will gradually decrease during the afternoon; temperatures remain without significant changes, except in the extreme southeast, where the minimum will decrease and the maximum will rise; Wind from the southwest direction, which will ease to the southwest direction at the end of the day, except in the southeast quadrant, where it will be generally weak from the west component.

– VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: Rainfall and storms are concentrated in the interior of Castellón early in the day, but will subside throughout the day, while clear skies will predominate in the rest; the minimum temperatures, decreasing and the maximum, rising with a light to moderate wind from the west component, which will turn to the south component on the coast at noon.

– MURCIA: Clear sky with some tall clouds; Minimum temperatures in descent and maximum in ascent and wind from the west component, with a tendency to vary in the interior and to the southwest on the coast.

– BALEARES: Weak and occasional rainfall, without ruling out a shower accompanied by a storm, preferably during the early morning, although during the afternoon the trend will be for a clearer sky; the temperatures, with few changes and the wind, from the southeast direction and with the possibility of strong gusts during the early morning.

– ANDALUSIA: Cloudy with precipitation that will gradually subside throughout the day and will be unlikely in the extreme east and on the Mediterranean coast, where the skies will be clearer in the afternoon, the minimum temperatures, decreasing and the maximum, rising, except in Jaén, the wind will be from the west with strong intervals on the Mediterranean coast.

– CANARY ISLANDS: Intervals of low clouds in the north of the islands of greater relief in the early and late hours of the day, with a predominance of clear skies in the afternoon, while in the rest of the areas only some interval of high clouds will be seen in the western half; temperatures with few changes and wind from the northeast direction, which will turn to the west component.