An image of the philosopher Giordano Bruno and 14 books of strange symbols took the place of the boy’s furniture.

Filtered image of Bruno Borges' room

After 24 days of vacation, Bruno Borges’s father, Athos Borges, opened the door to his son’s bedroom. He found neither the bed nor the furniture, nor his own son; instead, a statue of more than two meters of a philosopher from the Inquisition era and all the walls and ceiling written with illegible symbols. On a long desk 14 books perfectly placed with encryptions handmade by Bruno himself.

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Since March 27, the disappearance by Bruno Borges, a 24-year-old psychology student, keeps the whole country in suspense. Beyond the whereabouts of the young man, everyone wonders what do those strange symbols mean what he has written, and what he has meant by his disappearance.

During the absence of his parents, his brothers asked him insistently what he was doing locked up in the room, what was that “project that would change the world“That kept it at home all day “But it is not a child, it is a 24-year-old adult, he had to respect his privacy, he could not break down the door,” says his sister Gabriela, who was calmer because Bruno told her that he would tell her in two weeks.

What happened after those two weeks is that Bruno disappeared from his house from Rio Branco in the Amazon region of Acré and what left all of Brazil restless in his room. The family seems to have found a code that Bruno himself left and that he would decipher the characters, but you have to go translating the extensive work literary. Internet users have already got to work to find out what the walls of the room say, founding the page (decipher the book). Among what is already understood from his books, thousands of phrases and ideas such as the theory of absorption of knowledge or the meaning of life, but no sign of whereabouts from the author.

The statue

A statue heavy of 2 meters now presides over who was the bedroom of Bruno. It is made of sand, cement and wood and represents Giordano Bruno. An Italian philosopher condemned to the stake by the Holy Inquisition in 1600. The media in the Acre region have located the sculptor Jorge Rivasplata, who was finishing his work in the young man’s own room three days before his disappearance. He claims that he made the young man a small discount, but that the statue cost 20,000 reais (6.000 euros). To the surprise of the origin of such a sum, another character appears in the story: Eduardo Veloso, an oculist cousin who blindly gave that money to the young man so that he could “invest in a project that would change the world“, But of which I could not give more details. Giordano Veloso among other ideas defended what infinity of the universe, the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the soul of all things. He was persecuted by the Inquisition until he was sentenced to death in 1600.

Overcoming the limits of the enigma, the sculptor of the statue has made these statements: “Most do not understand anything, but I have known Bruno for a long time. It is perfectly credible that Giordano Bruno was reincarnated in him. I can’t tell more, the only thing I can say is that he finished the books that he (Giordano Bruno) “left unfinished”.

His desperate parents, without any news from the police who are secretly conducting the investigations, they ask their son through the media to come back, that they will not treat him like a madman, but that he must return to explain what the guirigay he has mounted in his room means … and in all of Brazil.