The fake rice made with cauliflower encourages consuming a vegetable that is not usually liked and can be the basis of many healthy cooking recipes.

A plate of redstart three delicacies.

There are recipes that go viral, that is to say, recipes that run, like gunpowder, in a massive and massive by internet. In Spain, especially through social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

But they are not just recipes, there are also foods that become for us something like superfoods Because since we know them, we take them as essential allies of our food and diet, helping us to eat healthier and making us achieve our goal of losing weight. This is the case of the so-called red-tailed.

Yes the redstart it is, to put it simply, cauliflower made into rice or, rather, cauliflower in the form of rice. That would be more accurate. And that is, neither more nor less. And it is that sometimes so that the food itself, in this case the cauliflower, attracts us or interests us more and therefore, we eat it more assiduously, it is better do it in a different way than we have always eaten it.

We always insist on the great importance of including at least two servings of vegetables every day, trying vary between the different colors and textures that they give us“, Affirms to EL ESPAÑOL the Food 3S team, a nutrition centern, psychologistday and training. That is why “the redstart it is on the lips of many nutritionists because it has become one more way to eat vegetables in an attractive way ”, he adds.

Crush or grate

The way to do redstart it is very simple. As they explain The nutritionists of this center, the first thing we must do is take a cauliflower, separate the bouquets and cut the stems; after setr the cauliflower, still raw, in a grinder or grate it with any utensil that we have for it and finally, put the crushed cauliflower in a saucepan with extra virgin olive oil and sauté it. Later, spices such as garlic, cúrcuma, chiliOnion or parsley to taste depending on what we are going to cook.

And this redhead -o fake ricewe can include it in thousands of recipes. “It can be spiced a la sartIt’sn, with cheese on top, baked in the oven, sautéed with chickpeas and other vegetables or replacing rice in preparations such as Cuban rice ”, explains this team of experts.

And this, redstart a la cubana is, without a doubt, the star dish or recipe why the redstart has become a must of nutritionists on their social networks. Here the Alimentation 3S team offers us this mythical recipe for colirroz a la cubana or fake rice a la cubana. It is as simple as taking the redstart and accompanying it with a tomato sauce (better if it is homemade), with an egg and a grilled banana (“avoiding fried, of course”, the experts clarify).

To eat more vegetables

And while it may seem like a simple thing to turn or make cauliflower into rice form, it is not. It is not easy to eat this vegetable and if it is made in the form of rice, it probably tastes better to us. And, as this team of nutritionists assure, “cauliflower is famous because its smell and taste do not attract much attention and are even unpleasant. That is why the redstart it becomes an ideal culinary format to include it ”.

However, they add that “it is important to emphasize that, just as we have found a tasty and simple way to eat cauliflower, we alsoIt’sn we can transfer this ingenuity in the kitchen with other vegetables that we do not like to go, little by little, including more vegetables in our daya a día, something fundamental for our health and for the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases such as obesity or diabetes ”.

And as we know, the nutritional recommendations indicate taking two servings a day of vegetables, also ensuring that one of them is raw. So “the redstart being a vegetable, we could eat it every day without problem ”, say the experts. Of course, the more variety of vegetables in our diet, the better.

The benefits of cauliflower they are as interesting at a nutritional level, as those of any other vegetable. “Cauliflower has a low calorie, protein and fat intake. It provides us with a small source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin C, K, folate and potassium ”, they explain. In addition, being low in calorieas the experts add that “can result useful in phases of pIt’sfat losseven because it is rich in micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) making it a food with a higher nutrient density ”. Even “tambiIt’sn it may be interesting to use it in low-carbohydrate diets when required, since visually it seems that rice helps us to versatile dishes by exchanging rice for cauliflower ”.