Paz Padilla’s pseudoscientific message against vaccines on Instagram has generated several responses against the comedian and presenter.

Paz Padilla, comedian and presenter.

One of the most traditional Christmas traditions in Spain is to put up with your brother-in-law’s speech by solving the country’s most serious problems. We have been in a pandemic for two Christmases and apart from the communist brother-in-law – like Rocío Monasterio’s – or the façade – like Echenique’s – now it has emerged a more transversal one: the vaccine skeptic or, directly, denier.

If, unfortunately, Ómicron has left you without your annual appointment with the brother-in-law, do not worry: Paz Padilla has made sure that the message reaches everywhere. This past Wednesday, the comedian and presenter starred in a live video on Instagram with María del Monte and Anne Igartiburu. Padilla announced that he had tested positive for Covid and, although the subject of the video was the Chimes, it went viral for his pseudoscientific speech.

Going over the multiple scientific studies that support the effectiveness of vaccines and institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Padilla has told his viewers that “they are useless.” But, also, in an attempt to give packaging to his words He has pulled on technicalities that he has not even made an effort to memorize correctly. In this way, he calls the Spike protein “Spider protein”, the “Luján bug” the Wuhan strain or the Omicron “Oritrón” variant.

The window and the door

The problem with vaccines, according to Paz Padilla, would be that “they put the Spider in you, but it is the bug from Luján and the bug has mutated, now we have the Oritrón. And now the bug is like it no longer enters through the window, enters through the door ”. What does the comic want to tell us with this parable of the pandemic? It seems to refer to that the vaccines we have inoculated do not have the same percentage of immunization against Ómicron than against past variants.

Undoubtedly, it is a real problem, but it cannot be told in such a simple way, nor can it be conclusively concluded by saying that “vaccines are useless”. It is true that the vaccines we have used affect the Spike protein, also called spicule, and that up to 32 mutations have been found in these segments in the Omicron variant. For this reason, this variant can escape the immunity of the vaccine in a greater percentage.

Now, scientists have explained that “the symptoms [de la variante Ómicron] appear to be milder in people who have received the full regimen or who have overcome the disease than in those who have not been vaccinated, which may present more serious symptoms“, As this article from EL ESPAÑOL collects.

Specifically, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collects in this report that the most common symptoms in vaccinated people are sore throat accompanied by a dry cough, fatigue, stuffy or runny nose.


Although it is true that these symptoms depend on the comorbidities that each patient presents and factors such as age and genetics, it is clear that Ómicron is a milder variant than the previous ones. This can be seen in the lower rate of hospitalization that this disease has: a study carried out in South Africa, in fact, estimates a 70% reduction in the risk of needing hospital care in the case of a contagion by the Omicron variant.

“According to the latest update on the coronavirus from the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, the weekly rate of hospitalization, ICU and deaths is in all cases higher in the unvaccinated population. Above all, it is especially noticeable in people between 60 and 79 years old ”, collects the same article. The greater pressure of the disease on the unvaccinated is a trend that has been observed in the last waves and that suggests that the inoculation of these has saved millions of lives in the world.

Experts have explained on multiple occasions that 100% immunization against Covid by vaccines is unreal, but they have contributed to us now passing Ómicron with greater lightness. “No matter how much you get the vaccine, two, three, the virus already enters from the other side, thereby infecting you,” says Padilla. Well no.

While it is true that Pfizer’s double vaccine reduces its effectiveness by 33% to infection, “the third dose would reactivate antibody production and restore effectiveness, especially if it is recent. Moderna has published data along the same lines, stating that the booster dose increases the levels of neutralizing antibodies against Ómicron approximately 37 times compared to the previous levels ”, as this other article by EL ESPAÑOL explains.

Anyway, once you have recovered, Paz Padilla will have antibodies against the disease and, in this way, the possible scenario of the end of the pandemic will be closer.