The Quirónsalud group center receives the most prestigious international award for excellence in management thanks to its “excellent and sustainable results”.

Facade of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation.

The manager of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation, Juan Antonio Álvaro de la Parra, received this Thursday from the hands of Ignacio Bernabé, manager of the Excellence in Management Club – official partner in Spain of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) – , the EFQM Global Award, the most prestigious International Award for Excellence in Management, with which the European institution recognizes companies with “excellent and sustainable results” in all areas of the EFQM Excellence Model.

The Jiménez Díaz Foundation has obtained more than 750 evaluation points, which gives it the EFQM 7 Stars seal, the highest score for this recognition and makes it the first hospital in the world to receive the precious award.

With it, the European Foundation for Quality Management endorses the strategy and management of the center, as well as its vision -leading the transformation of the health system to guarantee its sustainability, promoting innovation and the incorporation of new technologies-, strategic axes -health prevention, patient experience and efficient and responsible management-, basic pillars -care, teaching and research- differential values ​​-culture centered on the patient, digitization at the service of their health, networking, technological innovation, extensive and experienced medical staff- and numerous good practices; aspects all of them put at the service of the patient and society.

The center received the award and accreditation this morning during the EFQM Virtual Forum and as a continuation of the EFQM 5 Stars 650+, which it obtained in 2018 and which already then made it the first and only national hospital, public or private, in its level of complexity and investigative character in obtaining the aforementioned score. A milestone that today has registered its greatest qualitative leap when it has risen to the international level.

Moment in which Juan Antonio Álvaro de la Parra, manager of the FJD, collects the EFQM Global Award.

Moment in which Juan Antonio Álvaro de la Parra, manager of the FJD, collects the EFQM Global Award.

Key success factors

Among the values ​​of excellence of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation most highlighted by the EFQM are: very high level of digitization of the institution and his way of doing medicine, his clear future orientation and towards the patient, his innovative vision and health leadership, his capacity for change and flexibility – especially and widely demonstrated this last year of the pandemic – and his deep-rooted organizational culture.

So much so that the EFQM committee of international and independent experts that carried out the exhaustive evaluation that the hospital underwent in November to qualify for this award ended its evaluation week with a strong conclusion: “Public health needs organizations like yours to promote and lead their own transformation ”.

“For us it is a pride and a satisfaction to be an example for Madrid and Spanish healthcare, ”said Álvaro de la Parra, after thanking the EFQM award, to all the hospital staff who have made it possible and who make excellence a reality every day, as well as the patients who trust the hospital and its professionals for their health care.

The EFQM is the most prestigious international award for excellence in management.

The EFQM is the most prestigious international award for excellence in management.

In this sense, the manager of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation assures that the award represents “recognition of a career, more than a decade of work, the last two years especially intense, involving more than 200 professionals in 25 working groups on strategic issues, as well as on a strategy that is confirmed to be well oriented, which makes the ‘hospital of the future’ present, and on which we will continue working ”.

And it is that, as Josu Rodríguez, deputy manager of the hospital, has stated in his words of thanks during the virtual event, in these years, the center has worked “as a great team, putting a lot of heart and feeling, with the patient always as the main objective and in the constant search for excellence, to which this award also commits us ”.

“EFQM Global Award is the highest and most prestigious international recognition that endorses our excellence,” says Eva Sáez, director of Quality at the center. “The EFQM model is a valuable tool that helps us to develop our strategy and to keep improving always, to aspire every day to be a little more excellent”, he adds.

Fundamental concepts of excellence

According to their evaluation criteria – leadership; strategy; persons; alliances and resources; processes, products and services; and results in terms of clients, people, society and commercials-, the EFQM analyzed and valued the main differential aspects and strengths of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation that make it worthy of this recognition, based on its fundamental concepts of excellence.

Thus, the evaluation report considers that the hospital adds value for the patient, empowering and making the public health system more accessible through a broad and consolidated strategy of non-face-to-face services. In addition, it creates a sustainable future, since it ensures the efficiency, sustainability and quality of the care model, while promoting health, continuity of care and participation in activities with society. The report also highlights its organizational capacity with clearly defined strategic and operational actions to support the strategy and a culture of responsibility and empowerment among all its employees.

On the other hand, in the opinion of the EFQM, the Jiménez Díaz Foundation takes advantage of creativity and innovation by involving numerous stakeholders and converting ideas and projects in organization assets; leads with vision, inspiration and integrity, at all levels, in a culture of patient-centered care; and manages with agility, using a wide range of mechanisms to understand the needs and expectations of the main stakeholders and thus support the development of its strategy.

Finally, the expert committee of the European institution estimates that the hospital bases its success on the talent of its employees, deeply involved in the centre’s strategy, through professional development, teamwork and mutual support; and highlights that, in addition to achieving outstanding results, it maintains them over time leading, not only its own ecosystem, but in the entire Spanish health system.