The Civil Guard warns that some traces that “cannot be erased” and encourages citizens to report irresponsible behavior.

Photograph that the Civil Guard has posted on Twitter.

The Civil Guard for decades stopped dealing solely with arresting the most classic format of the criminal. Now it acts practically in all areas, as it is usually demonstrated on its social networks.

The conservation of the environment is an obsession for this part of the state security forces, which cares from those who litter the mountains, those who do not hesitate to qualify as pigs, to waste management.

In this sense, the Civil Guard has published a shocking photograph to warn about the danger of throwing waste on the beach or to other places not stipulated that make them end there.

“The state of your favorite beach depends on some of them not leaving footprints in the sand that the sea cannot erase“, Accompanies a text to the image, unfortunately real as life itself.

In her, The footprints that different animal species leave in the sand are detailed. In the upper part, there are three photographs of footprints in a very characteristic way: the seagull, the dog and the horse.

All these footprints have something in common, its shape stays in the sand, but it will go away quickly, as soon as the water arrives, a breeze blows or simply another animal perches on the same surface.

At the bottom of the image, the Civil Guard tells us that the image of a human footprint will be seen but, far from finding a silhouette of our feet resting on the sand of our favorite beachWe find another type of footprint that we can only attribute to our species: that of garbage.

In the photograph you can see boxes, cans, plastic bottles and even a piece of meat, all spread out along the sand. However, you can see that it is not a recent photograph, since it does not show the type of waste that worries the most today: masks.

These masks can take up to 400 years to decompose, whereas biodegradable gloves will take, at best, 30 years. This is certainly one of the worst faces of the new normal. Therefore, we need to know the importance of making responsible use of them.

In any case, whether or not they are masks, what is more than clear for the Civil Guard – and it should be so for everyone – is that do not throw garbage anywhere other than that indicated by the regulations. This way, we will make sure that it does not reach the beach.