The institute, armed with the ‘Have a head’ campaign, seeks to promote caring for the environment and pets in summer.

Capture of a video of the campaign 'Have a head'.

“The garbage that is left in the field does not speak, but says a lot about who does it“Reads a message from the Civil Guard shared on its Twitter profile. The phrase is accompanied by an emoticon of a pig. Also from a video that surprises with its carefree air. This is not a fake account, no. It is a campaign of the armed institute, called ‘Have a head’, with which it seeks to promote responsible behaviors among citizens who enjoy their vacations.

In the aforementioned video shared by the Civil Guard, a man throws a garbage bag behind a wall in the field. When he turns around, the garbage comes flying back and hits him. Then, behind the wall, a Seprona agent appears by surprise who tells him: “The field is not a trash can. Have a head ”.

Among the objectives of the campaign, which is disseminated on social networks with animated videos like this one, it seeks to promote respect and environmental care, also in public environments in leisure and tourism areas, or discourage not pet abandonment, which unfortunately grows in summer.

The videos, which boast a carefree air in keeping with the summer season, also give advice to avoid road accidents or to prevent theft.

The campaign consists of 17 videos, starring agents of the Civil Guard, both from the Cynological Service, Mountain Rescue, Seprona, GEAS, Citizen Security and Traffic, which can be seen on Twitter through the hashtag #TenCabeza.