The pet, which was found inside a plastic bag in an organic waste container, is now looking for a permanent home.

Screenshot of the video showing the state in which the dog was found.

A neighbor in the San Basilio neighborhood, in Rome, Italy, discovered among the garbage a dog who had thrown away within a plastic bag for let him die.

The exact data of how long it remained like this is unknown, but when they found it the animal was visibly distressed: It had its head and front legs out of the plastic bag and it barked constantly.These shocking images show the moment Spillo was rescued.

Following the discovery, volunteers from Animalisti Italiani, a Roman animal charity, took charge of rescuing the dog from about ten years, that at that time weighed less than 5 kilos.

Following the portrayal of Italian Animalists, Emanuela Bignami, Spillo had been put in a bag of organic waste and thrown into a container.

The dog is recovering and is now waiting for find a definitive home.