This miracle diet puts your health at risk and manages to falsify the results: you lose body water and muscle mass, not fat.

The big lie of the 'bikini operation'.

As the time of the holidays approaches, some people rush to try to lose those extra pounds that seem to have made an appearance in recent weeks. In these cases, it is common to resort to an express bikini operation, but this carries risks.

From the nutrition and beauty blog Diet Step warn of the dangers of the bikini operation, since “it is still one more miracle diet, which aims to achieve a rapid weight loss to arrive with a few kilos less in the summer, promising good results almost effortlessly and which almost always ends in failure, either in the short or long term ”.

“It is a mistake to think that we must be thinner to look better,” says dietician-nutritionist Ana Sánchez Morillas, creator of Diet Step. “You have to be thinner to have better health” and adds that “the weight of a person, their figure or in general their physical condition, should not be a goal, but A lifestyle“.In addition, it warns that trying to lose a lot of weight in a short time is harmful for health, because “this is achieved with very drastic strategies that result in loss of body water and muscle mass and not in loss of fat, which would be healthy.” In addition, during bikini operation there is usually food or macronutrient restriction and, consequently, there is a lack of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the system.On the other hand, the expert alerts about the so-called “rebound effect”, that is, when you stop doing the diet, you regain the weight “and a few more kilos”, he says, because “the body does not process it as a natural change and returns to its initial weight “.In addition, Sánchez denounces that, with this type of diet, the physical and mental health of the person is played with, since the bikini operation raises “unreal objectives that, if they are not achieved, end up affecting self-esteem by not seeing the desired body ”. In this way, Sánchez continues, the weight loss will be “progressive, safe and definitive.” On the other hand, remember the importance of “working on self-esteem so that self-esteem does not depend on the weight we have.”

Time to start taking care of yourself

Thus, as this expert reports, summer is a “perfect” time to start taking care of yourself, stay more active and acquire healthy habits that can be maintained throughout the year, and that will have an impact on long-term good health.With the high temperatures, according to Sánchez, they crave fresher and less caloric foods. “At this time, the variety of fruits and vegetables on the market increases, so we should take advantage of it to eat more salads, gazpachos, cold soups, fruits, homemade ice creams; This way it will be easier to eat a somewhat lighter diet ”, Sánchez details, all of this, he continues,“ without forgetting to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration due to high temperatures ”.In addition, it emphasizes that “it is a good time to go out more and take advantage of the daylight hours”, so it encourages exercising outdoors, in the pool, walking, cycling or running. And it is that, “to lose weight you do not have to be in a hurry“, Because” success lies in leading a healthy life that guarantees good physical and mental health, and putting aside strict diets and uncontrolled exercise. “