The supermarket chain run by Juan Roig has just launched low-sugar breakfast cereals.

Oat cereals.

It is not very common to find a food in the supermarket that is crunchy and does not overflow sugar through the pores. However, there are them. Mercadona has managed to find the balance between health and pleasure with its new oatmeal cereals that have just been launched on the market.

If you look at its ingredients, it can be seen that the main ingredient is whole oats (85%), from which our body obtains nutrients such as fiber, protein and healthy fats. Also sugar, but in a very low proportion (4.6 grams per 100 grams), just enough to give the cereals that crunchy touch. So, for example, In fact, other cereals such as Cheerios have around 60 grams per 100.

The Hacendado brand product can now be found in most Mercadona stores at an affordable price: 1.75 euros for a container of 400 grams. In addition, the brand recommends a consumption of 30 grams per serving, because the ingredients and their composition mean that, although it may seem a low amount, they are more satisfying than expected.

These cereals, having a low sugar content, they may prove to have a slightly sweet taste. One option to enhance its flavor is to add other healthy products such as oat or cow milk or fruit yogurt, for example.

The properties of oats

Oatmeal is a food that has a high energy value and is mainly composed of slowly absorbed polysaccharides. In addition, it also has a high fiber content. In fact, the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) highlights that oats are the cereal with the most protein and provides a large percentage of the recommended daily amount of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese and vitamins. For this reason, the FEN recommends its consumption to the general population, but especially to people with diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases or the gastrointestinal tract, celiac disease and cancer patients.

And, among other things, oats help control cholesterol levels, provide calcium and protein, facilitates digestion and it has a satiating effect due to its complex carbohydrates. Now, how to include it in the diet? Although many do not find this cereal very attractive, there are ways to make up its flavor and start getting started with this superfood. One way may be oat milk, which is also more beneficial for lactose intolerant, has a sweet taste and does not contain cholesterol.

The benefits of eating whole grains

As it is, the low-sugar oatmeal cereals such as Hacendado may be another option, especially for the little ones. They are a food that in addition to providing the benefits of oats, provide 55% of the energy and 50% of the proteins consumed by people around the world.

The explanation is in its ingredients, since provide complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The germ and bran of whole grains contain most of the essential nutrients and also antioxidant compounds that prevent oxidative stress in cells and inflammation, essential qualities to contribute to cardiovascular health.

Organizations such as the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) encourage the consumption of this type of cereals to reduce cardiovascular mortality. Furthermore, scientific studies point to a 5% reduction in suffering a premature death and a 9% reduction in dying from a heart cause, as well as a lower risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes.