Professional athletes know what it’s like to suddenly run out of strength, beginners give in to exhaustion on the first day. A pill in development could solve both problems.

Runners in the 2017 Boston Marathon.

The operation bikini and there are many people who, after having spent a whole winter of inactivity, they desperately rush to the gyms in search of losing a few pounds for the summer.

However, on some occasions the exercise calendar ends on the first day, as the lack of stamina resulting from the previous sedentary lifestyle gives rise to a first session loaded with frustration and tiredness.

On the other hand, at the opposite extreme are the elite athletes yes they have a lot of resistance, but they also see how their strength is suddenly exhausted when they try turn up the intensity to the max, for example at the end of a race.

Both cases are very opposite, but all could be solved with the help of GW501516, a drug that was developed in the 90’s for the treatment of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases and that, after being discarded for being a carrier of dangerous side effects, is once again in the sights of scientists for its ability to improve stamina without lifting a finger.

Increase resistance from the couch

This new application of the drug is being investigated by scientists from the Instituto Salk, from San Diego, who recently published their results in a magazine article Cell Metabolism.

In this study they tell how, after trying this drug in a group of mice, they were able to run on the treadmill for 270 minutes in a row, without being exhausted, while another group of rodents that had not been treated only endured 160 minutes.

But that is not all; since, in addition, the mice that had taken the drug during eight weeks they experienced weightloss and ones blood sugar levels much more controlled than the rest.

This is because GW501516 favors the activation of up to 1.000 genes, many of them involved in the fat burning, while, on the other hand, it suppresses the action of other genes responsible for convert sugar into energy.

Therefore, when taking this substance, fats burn faster, but sugars do so slower, which significantly increases the endurance and the famous “birds“, Resulting from the loss of sugars.

Not all that glitters is gold

All these effects are due to the fact that the drug activates a series of muscle proteins (calls PPARD) that are normally activated during exercise, but in this case they do so without any need for physical activity.

But not everything is as simple as it seems and to understand it it is necessary to go back to the the 90’s, when this drug, which had been synthesized for the treatment of heart and metabolic diseases, was shown to be the cause of Cancer a high dose, automatically resulting in the blocking of the essays that were being carried out with her.

However, it was soon discovered by athletes, who saw in it a stupendous form of doping, making it necessary for the World Anti-Doping Agency forbid it because of its potential health risk, after some athletes started taking it during the 2008 Olympics.

But this does not mean that its potential applications should not be studied low dose; since, as those responsible for this last study say, some groups of patients, such as the obese or those who have some kind of physical disability, they would find in her a way to improve your fitness, without having to carry out an exercise routine that would be impossible for them.

Other scientists are not so optimistic about it and think it would be necessary to test it for a long period of time to check its effects to long term before ensuring its effectiveness.

Be that as it may, the pill is still under study and it may one day become an effective and safe reality; but, until then, whoever wants fitness will have to sweat it out. And without doing crazy things, of course.