The fillings, recently found in an excavation in the north of the transalpine country, come from the Ice Age and were composed of a perforation and medicinal plants.

The filler could have been used as an antiseptic.

The dental fillings they have evolved a lot in recent years. Gone are the days of those black patches, whose application meant a few hours of intense pain, feared by everyone who visited the dentist suffering from some kind of discomfort in their teeth.

And much further back there are still first fillings, since according to the recent finding of a team of researchers from the University of Bologna, these could begin to be carried out in full Ice Age, more than 13,000 years.

The first dentists

Said conclusions have been obtained by Stefano Benazzi, an anthropologist at the University of Bologna who, according to statements to TheTimes, has found in the north of Italy teeth from that era that contain what could be the oldest known fillings.

Is about two teeth covered by small perforations, whose microscopic analysis inevitably brought to mind other similar perforations that had been found before in other teeth thousand years older That those.

These dental practices are thousands of years old.

These dental practices are thousands of years old.
Gregorio Oxilia

Both examples were placed in Italy, placing said nation as cradle of dentistry, but the latter is even more striking than the former, since it does not remain only in the incisions; but, in addition, the holes were filled with a series of plants that, on the one hand, served as antiseptic and, on the other hand, they prevented food from coming into contact with the inside of the tooth once the caries had contracted.

The initial idea after the discovery was that the holes and the filling could be independent and that the contents of the interior of the cavities were nothing more than remains of food that had been trapped there. However, both were the same age and appeared to have been performed at the same time, so it is more likely that it was a very ancient treatment for caries.

The origin of cavities

It is considered that cavities were not a particularly worrisome reality until the arrival of the cereals and the honey to the diet of the vast majority of the population, something that in Europe took place in the Superior paleolithic, with the arrival of immigrants from other regions of the planet, who had become true experts in the cultivation of these foods.

And since all trades arise from their need, it was these changes in eating habits that led to the appearance of dentists, those professionals so feared as well as necessary.