Low temperatures and rains give way to anticyclone, thermal rise and stability except in the northwest.

The low pressures are maintained to the north while the high ones are installed at the height of Spain.  AEMET / SINOBAS.

This bridge we can enjoy the good weather and meteorological stability, with pleasant temperatures at noon that will cool at night without leaving frost, according to advance eltiempo.es.

It is generally anticipated that the weather is sunny, especially in the afternoons. However, atmospheric stability can form mists, fogs and low-type clouds during the dawns. Low visibility could be found in the mornings, especially in valleys and inland areas. Friday and Saturday will again be prominent and persistent in Castile and Leon.

Galicia will be the exception of stability with some rainfall. The Atlantic fronts will brush the extreme northwest of the peninsula leaving some rains there. It will rain on Saturday and Sunday in the west of the community and also on Monday in a generalized way, and may also affect the western half of Asturias.

The maximum temperatures will go up this Friday and will remain throughout the weekend. The values will exceed 20ºC in the central hours of the day, in many cases hovering around the 25ºC. The maxims will be between 5ºC and 10ºC above normal for these dates in large areas of Spain.

According to the prediction the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), throughout the country a predominance of Anticyclonic weather, dry and stable, with slightly cloudy or clear skies. However, stability will favor the formation of low clouds, mists and fogs in large areas of Galicia and the northern plateau, locally persistent in the Duero basin.

They are also expected interlow cloud valleys in the Alboran Sea environment and in the Northern Canary Islands, without ruling out some weak rain at the beginning in those of greater relief. High clouds in Andalusia. There is a probability of Calima in the eastern Canaries, without ruling it out in the Mediterranean area, where there may also be some scattered morning mist.

Increasing maximum temperatures in the interior of the Peninsula and in the Canary Islands. The minimums will go up in the Strait area, in Galicia and in the great mountain ranges, although they may go down slightly in downtown areas. Frost is not expected.

The Saturday the maxims they will go up on the Cantabrian coast with a southerly wind and will remain unchanged. While in the rest of the peninsula, the temperatures will remain without great changes, stability and a pleasant atmosphere during the weekend.

According to AEMET, in most of the country it is expected stable time, with a predominance of slightly cloudy or clear skies. However, during second half of the day an Atlantic front is expected to affect Galicia, with an increase in cloudiness and probable rains and showers, which could become locally strong or persistent in the far west.

It is not ruled out that in the last hours some isolated weak precipitation may also occur in areas of Asturias Y extreme northwest of the northern plateau. Intervals of medium and high clouds extending over the northwest of the peninsula and, at first, in Andalusia.

Likely low nighttime clouds, as well as morning mists or fog banks in the Mediterranean area and points of the Ebro valley as well as, being able to be somewhat persistent, in the Douro valley. Possible calimas in the Canary Islands.

The Maximum temperatures will increase in the Cantabrian and Northern plateau, while the minimum will do so in almost the entire country. A few changes in the rest. Frost is not expected.

In the Canary Islands it will be warmer in the next few days. The Friday and Saturday the thermometers will go up with a flow from the southeast that will bring suspended dust or haze. In the interior of Gran Canaria will exceed 30ºC. It is worth highlighting the thermal amplitude of over 15ºC in the interior of the peninsula or almost 20ºC in some cases

Finally, on Sunday a new Atlantic front affects Galicia and the surroundings of the western Cantabrian mountain range, with cloudy skies and rainfall, most likely and intense in western Galicia. There will be cloudy intervals mainly of medium and high clouds in the northern and western thirds of the peninsula. In the rest of the country, a predominance of slightly cloudy skies.

Possible low clouds and fogs in valleys of the northwest of Castilla y León. Possibility of calimas in the Canary Islands. The Daytime temperatures will tend to decrease in most of the Peninsula, although in areas of the Mediterranean, the Ebro valley and the Canary Islands little change or a rise is expected. The situation is likely to continue on Monday, with the passage of the cold front, which will produce cCloudy ice and rainfall in Galicia, Cantabrian Sea, western Pyrenees and northwest of Castilla y León.