The winter nights end with a sunny and warm weekend, which in turn will give way to a big squall the next week.

Forecast of the arrival of the Atlantic storm on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

The unusual cold environment from the last dawn, until ten degrees minus, will send to give way, to a sunny weekend with highs of 20 degrees and even 25 degrees or more in parts of Extremadura, Andalusia and Murcia, advance of a very rainy front that will irrigate the Peninsula next week.

The thermometers will continue to rise throughout Saturday and Sunday, leaving behind such low and unusual night temperatures for the time. more typical of the month of December, explains the Meteorological Agency (Aemet), to influence that This Friday a large part of the mountainous areas of Castilla y León, Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha and the Pyrenees woke up with strong frosts.

So this morning the minimums fell to 9 and 8.3 degrees below zero respectively in the Lleida stations of Baqueira and Port Ainé, Meanwhile in Cerler (Huesca) was 5 degrees below zero and in the port El Pico (Ávila) 4.9 degrees below zero.

Starting tomorrow, it is anticipated a rise in the maximum values ​​in all of Spain, except in Specific areas of western Galicia, the Girona coastline and the Canary Islands, where they tend to drop slightly.

By peninsular provincial capitals, the Warmer Saturday will be spent in Seville, Córdoba and Badajoz where the maximum will oscillate between 25 and 26 degrees, followed by Alicante and Granada with 24 degrees, Cáceres, Huelva, Valencia and Jaén with 23 degrees, and something cooler in the center of the country, where Madrid will not exceed 18 degrees. At night, the minimums will rise in the interior of the peninsular northwest and they will descend in the Ebro, the Pyrenees and, slightly, in the Canary Islands, while in the rest they change little.

The Aemet indicates that this day, the nights will continue below the normal values ​​for mid-October throughout the country, with weak frosts in the Cantabrian mountain range, the Iberian system and in isolated points of the east of the Plateau, more intense in the Pyrenees.

On Sunday a cloudy or clear day is expected in almost all of Spain, although with some intervals of high cloudiness and with values ​​”in general increase, more pronounced in the interior of the peninsula”, although, at night, the minimums will still remain below average, with frosts in the Pyrenees and, in a weak and isolated way, in the Iberian system.

This journey Badajoz will reach 30 degrees, Seville 29 degrees, Córdoba 28 degrees, Jaén and Granada 27 degrees, Cáceres 26 degrees, Cádiz, Murcia, Ourense and Huelva 25 degrees, Toledo 24 degrees Y Madrid and Zaragoza, somewhat less, with 21 degrees. The coldest night will be spent in Cuenca, Teruel, Palencia and Zamora with minimums around 2-3 degrees.

A great storm arrives

Next week will be marked by the approach to the Peninsula of a Atlantic storm “quite deep”, they warn from the Meteorological Agency, to influence that, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the predictions regarding its exact position and evolution.

“There is a great probability that it will be located to the west of the peninsula and generate several centers of low pressure, favoring abundant rainfall, locally strong or persistent, and accompanied by storm“, Details the Aemet.

Monday is expected it rains heavily in western Galicia, on Tuesday in the northwest and north of Extremadura, and on Wednesday and Thursday in large areas of the west and central peninsula and the Pyrenees, while as of Friday, the rains, already less abundant, will affect large areas of the country, with more impact in parts of the west of the peninsula.

Regarding temperatures, Meteorology predicts a swing week with a rise on Monday to give way to a Tuesday with a general decrease in values ​​and a lot of wind, which will favor a lower thermal sensation, below normal for this time of year.