The strong storm of low temperatures, storms and heavy rains is expected to last until the weekend.

The storm formed in the Gulf of Cádiz.  The time is

It is Wednesday if it’s taking off a cold air mass in height from latitudes tall, which at the end of the day will isolate itself in the western peninsula forming a DANA, a ‘isolated depression at isolated levels‘also known as’cold drop‘or’ weather bomb ‘. This situation will be responsible for rainfall in the west and center of the peninsula.

At the same time, a low pressure sinus that began to form yesterday in the south of the peninsula will a landfall centered on the Gulf of Cádiz that will force the entry of strong easterly winds, very humid, which will produce rainfall in large areas of the southeastern half of the peninsula, being able to collect important amounts in the Mediterranean peninsular communities, and that will be added to those produced by DANA in height in the western peninsula.

Will be strong or persistent especially in western Andalusia, and in the second half of the day in the Levante area, especially in the Valencian Community, where are probable accumulations greater than 100 mm in 12 h. Another significant phenomenon will be the appearance of snow in mountainous areas, generally weak, except in the Iberian and especially in the Pyrenees, where it is probable that thicknesses exceed 10 cm.

Tomorrow Thursday, the storm will deepen, scrolling west of the peninsula to locate under the cold air bagging in height. The generalized rainfall in the southern half of the peninsula And in the Mediterranean peninsular communities, being weaker and more dispersed the further north.

The probability that they are locally strong or persistent in the southwest quadrant of the peninsula and in the Levante area and the southeast of La Mancha. In the Costa del Sol, during the dawn and morning, the rainfall is likely to be strong or very strong, persistent and accompanied by storms. The temperatures will rise significantly in the northern half which cancels the probability of snow at low elevations.

The Friday and Saturday the instability will remain, with rainfall in many areas of the southern half of the peninsula, with the storm moving slowly towards the northwest of the Peninsula, so the flow will tend to have a southern component.

Although with a considerable degree of uncertainty, the most intense and persistent rainfall will occur on Friday, with greater probability, in the Atlantic slope and in the Levant. On Saturday the probability of rainfall in the west of the peninsula and in Levante, although the intensity will decrease appreciably.

How long will the storm last?

The truth is that the rainfall on Wednesday and Thursday will be the most outstanding in terms of amount of accumulated rain and extension of affected areas. But nevertheless, instability will be with us for the rest of the week, according to the forecast of

Facing the weekend the rainfall plus featured could occur in the west of the country, although there will also be storms in Aragon and Catalonia, without ruling out scattered showers in the downtown area.

Most likely a starting on Sunday there is a stabilization of the atmosphere, with a decrease in rainfall, although they are still not ruled out on the Atlantic slope.