Clinical trials began last October. The results of the studies indicate that the punctures are safe and create immunity.

A dog barks between two jets of water.

The Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service of Russia (Rosseljoznadzor) announced this Wednesday the registration of the first anticovid vaccine for animals, la Carnivac-Cov.The inactivated vaccine was produced by the Federal Center for Animal Health, Rosseljoznadzor deputy director Konstantín Sávenkov said in a statement posted on the regulatory body’s website.Explained that clinical trials of the preparation began last October and that dogs, cats, minks, common and arctic foxes, and other animals were used in them.“The results of the studies allow us to conclude that the vaccine is safe and creates immunity” since “100% of the vaccinated animals generated antibodies against the coronavirus,” said Savenkov.The scientists currently studying the duration of immunity created by the vaccine, which today is at least six months old, according to its developers.“Already in April, the mass production of the vaccine can be started,” said Savenkov, who stressed the importance of having a preparation to protect animals since cases of covid-19 have already been reported among them.