The anticyclonic, dry and stable weather will be generalized, with clear skies and intervals of high clouds, in addition to haze in the Canary Islands.

The weather of Friday, December 31.

The last day of the year will arrive with a general rise in temperatures that, in the case of the maximums, will exceed the usual values ​​of these dates, according to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) for tomorrow, Friday.

Stability will favor the formation of low clouds and morning fogs in the Tagus and Guadiana valleys, in the Gulf of Cádiz, the Alboran Sea, the southeast coast and in areas of Catalonia and, with the probability of being persistent, in the Duero and Ebro valleys, depressions of Lleida and Huesca and points of the Balearic Islands.

Although the temperatures will rise in an almost generalized way -the minimums will rise especially in the mountainous systems-, there will also be a slight decrease in the maximums in mountain areas and in the Ebro valley, as well as a decrease in the minimums in valleys and plateaus, with some weak frosts scattered in the North plateau, surroundings of the Iberian System and low areas bordering the Pyrenees.

The variable loose wind except in the Strait and in the surroundings of Alboran -where it will be from the east-, in Galicia -strong, with a southern component on the west coast and east and south directions in the Cantabrian Sea- and in the Canary Islands -also intense, from the south or southeast , although it will decrease to weak in the afternoon.

Friday, December 31st

Prediction by autonomous communities:

– GALICIA: Intervals of high clouds and, in the morning in the west of La Coruña, also of low clouds; Minimum temperatures on the rise in the Rías Bajas, in the north of the coast and in the Montaña de Lugo and with few changes in the rest, while the maximums will rise in the western third and will be constant in the rest; Strong south component wind in the Finisterre area with very strong gusts at the end of the day.

– ASTURIAS: In general clear with some intervals of high clouds; minimum temperatures rising and maximum temperatures unchanged or slightly rising on the coastline; Loose wind from the south, which will temporarily roll east on the coast and will increase in intensity at the end of the day with possible very strong gusts in the Cordillera.

– CANTABRIA: Clear sky, with intervals of high clouds; thermometers unchanged or slightly rising with constant highs; The wind will be more intense and with a southerly component in the last hours of the day and at dawn in the eastern half and will tend to be weak with an east component in the central hours on the coast.

– BASQUE COUNTRY: Blue sky with some high clouds although there will be morning mists in the interior, with the possibility of some fog banks or low clouds in the early hours in the Rioja Alavesa; the maximum temperatures are maintained and the minimum ones rise, except in Álava where they will not change; More intense wind from the east component at the end of the day and at dawn on the coast, where in the central hours of the day it will tend to be light from the east component.

– CASTILLA Y LEÓN: Mists and fogs or low clouds on the plateau, more likely in the northwestern part, where they can be persistent; Minimum temperatures rising in the southwest and east and decreasing in the rest, and maximum temperatures without changes or slightly decreasing in mountain areas, and slightly increasing in the rest with scattered weak frosts; variable light wind.

– NAVARRE: Intervals of high clouds, except in the Ribera del Ebro in the morning and at the end of the day where low clouds are expected, accompanied by mists and fogs; minimum temperatures rising in the Cantabrian slope and without changes in the rest and constant maximums; Variable loose wind more intense in the northwest, especially in the early morning and at the end of the day, with a predominance of a southern component in the northern third.

– LA RIOJA: Clear with low clouds, mists and fogs in the valley; Minimum temperatures unchanged and maximum temperatures on the rise in the valley, while in the rest of the region the minimums rise slightly and the maximums are maintained or decreased, also slightly; variable light wind.

– ARAGÓN: In general clear skies, with morning fogs in the Ebro valley and south of Huesca, which may persist locally until noon; the maximum temperatures will be abnormally high for the time of year, with a more pronounced rise in mountain areas, while in the Ebro depression they will descend, with weak frosts in the bottom of the Pyrenees valley and the Iberian System; variable light wind.

– CATALONIA: Locally persistent morning fogs south of Lleida, with intervals of low clouds and mists or fogs in the central depression of Tarragona in the morning and on the coast in the afternoon, while clear skies will predominate in the rest of the region , with some high clouds; the minimum temperatures rise in the Pyrenees, there will be weak frosts in the valley bottoms, and without changes or a slight decrease in the rest, while the maximums will be abnormally high for the time of year; light variable wind.

– EXTREMADURA: Intervals of high clouds and probable morning mists and fogs, especially in the eastern part of the Tagus and Guadiana valleys; minimum temperatures with slight changes and constant maximums or in slight ascent; Variable light wind with a predominance of the east component.

– COMMUNITY OF MADRID: Clear sky or with few clouds; minimum temperatures with few changes and maximum in slight ascent; variable light wind.

– CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: Blue sky with intervals of low clouds at the beginning in the valley of the Tagus where morning mists and fogs will be probable; temperatures in slight ascent, except the maximum ones in Guadalajara and north of Cuenca where they will remain with few changes; variable light wind.

– VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: Predominance of clear skies, with intervals of low cloudiness and probable fogs or fog banks in coastal areas in the afternoon; thermometers rising inland and unchanged along the coastline with maximum temperatures that will be abnormally high for the time of year; Variable light wind, with breezes in coastal areas from noon.

– MURCIA: Clear skies in the interior and intervals of low clouds or morning fogs on the coast; rising temperatures in the interior and unchanged on the coast; variable light wind.

– BALEARIC ISLANDS: Mists and fog banks until mid-morning and at night, with a generally slightly cloudy sky; night temperatures in slight decrease and constant daytime temperatures or in slight increase; Light wind from west component or calm.

– ANDALUSIA: Clear with intervals of low clouds, fogs and fog banks on the coast; Minimum temperatures with few changes and maximums on the rise in the northwestern half of the community and constant in the rest; Light wind from east component and up in the Straits, with an increase in the afternoon.

– CANARY ISLANDS: Clear skies with presence of haze; thermometers in decline in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, especially in the northern half, while they will rise in mountainous islands, midlands and north-facing coasts, and little change in the rest of the areas; More intense wind from the southeast in the western province that decreases to light in the afternoon.