The Spanish Food Safety Agency orders the withdrawal of an additive used in the production of ice cream that contains ethylene oxide.

Some ice creams like the ones we can find in the supermarket.

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan) has ordered the withdrawal of an additive used in the manufacture of ice cream and in which ethylene oxide residues were detected. A few months ago, Aesan already warned of the presence of this toxic substance in sesame seeds imported from India. The additive has been marketed in several European countries, according to the Aesan -dependent of the Ministry of Consumption-, which has specified that for the moment has no record of any case of intoxication motivated by ethylene oxide.Those responsible have recalled that the use of this substance in phytosanitary products “is not approved in the EU” and it is intended to avoid “its use in manufacturing” of any food product.In addition, they have urged companies in the sector to “withdraw from the marketing chain the products made with this additive”; in the case of ice cream, it was used as a stabilizer.In this sense, the OCU consumer organization has released a statement this Wednesday in which it demands that Consumption report “the specific products in which it has been used, indicating the batch and the best before date, just as it has been done in France ”.The association has asked for more details of what happened to have affected a food product such as ice cream, “widely consumed by the child population, especially on these summer dates”, and has demanded to verify that it has not also been used in other categories such as desserts dairy or sauces.