The Aesan warns of the presence of undeclared milk protein on the labeling of some cereals of the Celnat brand.

A few bowls full of cereal.

The Spanish Food Safety Agency (Aesan) has issued an alert to warn of the presence of undeclared milk protein on the labeling of some crunchy chocolate cereals from the Celnat brand.

As is usual, this body, dependent on the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, learned of the incident thanks to a notice transferred by the health authorities of the Community of Madrid through the Coordinated System for Rapid Information Exchange (Sciri).

“After an official control in the market, the presence of milk proteins in crunchy cereal flakes and chocolate has been detected, which are not declared on the label,” says Aesan in a statement published on its website. Specifically, the name of the product concerned is “Crispy cereal flakes and chocolate”, It is sold in containers of 500 grams, the lot number is 13821 and the best before date is 05/18/2022.

The affected product.

The affected product.

According to the Aesan, the information has been transferred to the competent authorities of the different autonomous communities so that the withdrawal of the affected products can be verified in the different marketing channels to which it could have reached.

Likewise, “as a precautionary measure”, it is recommended to those people allergic to milk protein who may have the product in their homes that refrain from consuming it. In the same way, the Aesan also warns that “the consumption of this product does not entail any risk for the rest of the population.”