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Professor Hołyst: won the Nobel Prize for introducing new methods into biology

He said that this is an award for introducing computer simulation methods into the biological world. Robert Hołyst, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences. He believes that the field initiated by the Nobel Prize winners has great development.

The Nobel Committee announced in Stockholm on Wednesday that this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry will be awarded to: Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel for the “development Models of complex chemical systems”.
“We have millions of proteins in our body, and we know that there may be tens of thousands of structures. The theoretical methods that can predict the structure of these proteins are very valuable. The “developing” field initiated by the Nobel Prize winner is the head of IPC PAS , Emphasized in an interview with PAP.
The three Nobel Prize winners are all theorists. They are engaged in protein research, such as predicting protein structure or enzymatic reactions. Karplus is interested in the folding of proteins, which are long chains that can form compact structures in space. Levitt is concerned with predicting the spatial structure that amino acids will adopt. Levitt and Warshel also wrote the first program that showed the correlation between the linear and spatial structure of proteins. Hoist.
One of the main problems of computer simulation is the weakness of modern computers. “It’s still impossible to model living cells, even the smallest bacteria, which is one-fifth the diameter of a human hair. Computers are too weak and will be so for a long time. From studying Boeing wings in the air It’s too weak to describe the process of biochemical reactions in living cells. In order to describe processes important to biology with today’s computers, you must combine and invent new algorithms and new computing techniques,” he said.
However, work continues. The structure of proteins determines their function. If we are looking for a new and effective drug-we need to know the structure of proteins involved in various processes. On the other hand, such activities expand our understanding of the world and make our lives safer. Hoist.
As he also pointed out, every winner is studying in the best school. Michael Levitt, born in South Africa, went to London and attended one of the best schools, King’s College. Arieh Warshel studied at the famous Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. In turn, Martin Karplus, a professor at the California Institute of Technology in the United States, received a PhD from Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling in 1953.
“It is this curiosity that makes the Nobel Prize winner + Nobel Prize winner. It turns out-it can be traced back to when you worked with the Nobel Prize winner, or you were his son and were in the same field When working, it is easier to win a Nobel Prize winner.
“So we came to the conclusion that it is good to study in a good school and choose the right teacher. You must also be very lucky to win the Nobel Prize. The three chemists were not even mentioned in previous speculations. No one doubts that they might receive this award. There is no doubt that these three are outstanding scientists,” the professor said. (PAP)