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The ocean will become thinner

According to the “New Scientist” report, climate warming will make the water in the ocean less viscous, which will promote its absorption of carbon dioxide, thus slowing down the warming process.

According to Jan Taucher of the Kilhelmholtz Oceanographic Center, this effect is enough to reduce the temperature increase by 8%.
Taucher incorporated the change in viscosity into his model and performed simulations (dating back to 4000 years), assuming that carbon dioxide emissions will drop to zero after 2100. Global temperature has risen by 6 degrees Celsius, but the ocean has absorbed 17%. There is more carbon dioxide than previously thought, so the warming is reduced by 8%.
Most of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is dissolved in the ocean and absorbed by the organisms there. When these organisms die, some of the combined carbon sinks to the bottom, and the ocean absorbs new carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
According to Taucher, warming may accelerate this process. Hot water is less viscous, so increasing the temperature by 1 degree Celsius will increase the rate of particles falling to the bottom by 5%. This will not stop global warming, but it will slow it down. If it is deep water, the heating time will be very long, but it will be faster than previously thought. (PAP)
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