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Pogoda na meduzy

The Royal Society Journal-Interface reports that it is possible to predict the emergence of deadly poisonous jellyfish by analyzing weather forecasts.

As the name suggests, tropical ankle jellyfish have a rectangular parallelepiped shape-unlike typical jellyfish, they are square rather than round when viewed from above, and swim faster and better. They are small, transparent and poisonous. The sting of contact with this jellyfish is very painful and may even lead to death. Cubic jellyfish-such as Irukandji or Chironex fleckeri-are more dangerous because they are difficult to find in the water. The proliferation of this kind of jellyfish is very dangerous for those who relax on the beach.
Australian scientists analyzed the mid-term weather forecasts and sea-j burn reports from 1985 to 2012 and concluded that the time and location of sea occurrence can be predicted based on changes in ocean winds.
On the Great Barrier Reef, when the prevailing southeast trade wind subsides, jellyfish usually appear. In this way, the water is no longer so rushing, prompting the delicate ankle jellyfish to swim out of the depths.
The scientists’ conclusions are consistent with the local population’s assumptions.
Similar predictions can be made for regions other than Australia. The authorities learned that jellyfish might appear one day in advance, so they can take appropriate precautions, such as warning the public and even closing the beach.
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