For the fifth consecutive year, this newspaper selects the public hospitals with the best scores in different healthcare parameters.

Health personnel of the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital in Santander.

Almost everyone he begins his days in a hospital and many people end them there too, which should serve to give a magnitude of the importance of these health centers, of which in Spain we have 837 according to the latest published data.

Of these, 384 hospitals are what are often mistakenly called free: publicly owned centers or, in other words, paid with the taxes of the people who pay taxes in our country.

But are they all equally good? It is a difficult question to answer, because there is no ranking official -something that exists in other countries like the US- that allows evaluating the quality of the centers.

El Español -for the fifth consecutive year- has selected 25 public hospitals -some managed by private companies- which can be considered the best in the country, either because they are part of some of the lists drawn up by independent companies, or because they stand out in the (few) health data observatories whose data are made public.

This listing has gone gaining credit and prestige year after year, to the point of being picked up by other media.

Madrid and Barcelona -the largest and most populous cities in the country- are the ones that accumulate the majority of these centers, but the newspaper has also selected Outstanding centers of almost all the autonomous communities.

In a year in which Covid-19 has put a health system that enjoyed a very good reputation to the test and health is even more important recognize those that have worked best, although unfortunately many have not arrived in time to verify it.