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They have declared a state of emergency in relation to toxic waste in the east

On Wednesday, the government announced an emergency situation in connection with toxic waste in the area of ​​the former Chemko Strážske chemical plant. There are hundreds of tons of polychlorinated biphenyls near the complex – the so-called PCBs that can be dangerous to health and life.

Today’s declaration of an emergency situation should lead to liquidation toxic waste to accelerate. It concerns the territory of Prešov and Košice end. “The state will move barrels of substances at its own expense, which pollute the environment, “the prime minister said after today’s government meeting Peter Pellegrini (Smer).
The ministry is now responsible for disposing of a source of hazardous waste. Subsequently, the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) of the Slovak Republic should be responsible for elimination of environmental burden in the form of remediation of air, water and soil, the Minister of the Interior Denisa Saková (Direction) explained.
According to Sakova, the ministry should implement in the coming days necessary steps to select a company for the disposal of the dangerous waste. “We will definitely communicate with companies that have such permission to stop the spread of these substances to nature, “ said Sak. She added that the companies will negotiate to make disposal took place in the form of incineration or other chemical process.
“We will really act in such a way that the waste is really disposed of and there has been no additional environmental burden in the future, “ she pointed out. Sakova hopes that hazardous waste will be on the premises of the former company Chemka Strážske will not be in even greater numbers than they evaluated.
The occurrence of hazardous PCBs in the plant area in Strážské sa he had spoken of it before. However, their presence was definitively confirmed by the inspection in April 2019. A large number of corroded barrels with this waste found the owner of the neighbors near the complex at the beginning of last year land. Until today’s declaration of an emergency situation, the state authorities decide how they will deal with the situation. In the end, they chose as quickly as possible solution taking into account the fact that chemicals could leak also into groundwater. This could cause environmental damage.