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Budaj appeals to responsible behavior in municipal waste management

The Minister of the Environment Ján Budaj (OĽaNO) appeals in connection with the occurrence of coronavirus to responsible behavior in municipal waste management. Slavomír Held from the Communication Department of the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) of the Slovak Republic informed about it.

‘Establishments or activities for waste management, such as collection of mixed municipal waste, collection of sorted municipal components waste, sorting lines, waste treatment, waste incinerators, landfills waste are not yet affected by any restrictions, ”says Held in connection with the spread of coronavirus. In the current situation, according to necessary to ensure that the waste collection is operated in the same way scope as before.
The Ministry of the Environment is in contact with the Chief Hygienist and the Public Office of Health (ÚVZ) SR. “It will be operationally necessary if necessary the best options to ensure trouble-free loading with waste, “Held remarked.
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All entities that are part of the waste management system are obliged to comply with applicable waste legislation economy, approaches Held. “It is undeniable that it is necessary and Hygienic procedures and regulations must be observed in all activities as regularly emphasized and recommended by ÚVZ SR, “he says.
Held recalls that used protective equipment is disposed of as ordinary waste. They should be placed in a plastic bag or bag and tied tightly. The bag should then be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste, that is, a black container. Then you need to wash your hands and proceed according to all hygiene rules.