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Brussels wants a circular economy. Will the amount of waste be reduced?

Production should also be green. It should get as many manufactured products as possible again. The European Union has adopted a new action plan. This time it concerns the circular economy. This is one of the main elements of the European Environment Agreement. The aim is to achieve climate neutrality in 2050.

It is in the area of ​​waste that the Union has reserves. According to Ivana Maleš from the Institute of Circular Economics (INCIEN), despite efforts, will be established annually from 2.5 billion tonnes of waste for all economic activities in the Union. Every the population of the union thus produces almost half a ton on average.
However, by 2020, according to commitments, countries should recycle up to 50 percent waste. According to Brussels, the solution could be a circulation system economy. “Waste is used within it and in this system is practically not created, “Maleš told Pravda.
Tons of waste must fall
Today’s economy is mostly linear and is only coming back into circulation 12 percent of materials produced. “Many are decomposing too much easily, they cannot be reused, repaired, recycled, or are for single use only, “said the Vice-President of the European Commission for Europe Frans Timmermans environmental agreement. The method of production of most products has change the action plan – this should result in less waste.
After the new one, a uniform model for the separate one should apply throughout the EU collection. Common container colors or harmonized should also be introduced symbols of key types of waste. Simply put, what works is will use even more.
Responsible shopping
However, individuals will also have to put their hand to the work. New action the plan should also provide them with more information. And so that when shopping they also decide, for example, on the material from which the product is made, whether it can be recycled. Or how long it will last.
Brussels wants to limit one-off use and ban destruction unsold durable goods. This is a common practice even for luxury clothing brands. Some unsold goods would rather be destroyed than they would be sold at a discount. Mankind is already consuming as if it had an ambush two more globes.
According to Malešová, such an approach to products could help to responsible consumption. “Models based on a product-as-a-service approach they will bring a better quality of life, innovative jobs and better knowledge and skills, ”she said.
The pioneers are already circulating
The transition to a circular economy is already gradually taking place. And thanks pioneering companies. However, the goal is for everyone to get involved. According to the European Commission would thus be able to increase gross domestic product by 2030 by 0.5 percent. And it would also create 700,000 new jobs.
However, according to Malešová, this also depends on how much the free market is of the new system. “In order to survive and live a comfortable life, we will have to change a lot in the way we make up people, “ she said. In Slovakia, according to Malešová, it would help if the issue circular economy was not only dealt with by the Ministry of the Environment, but also the Ministry of Finance and Economy.