The results of the latest government survey on scientific knowledge are presented. Do you think you are better than your neighbors in science? Get rid of doubts in a minute.

Smart or just a misfit geek?  Take the test and we will find out.

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology today presented the results of the VIII Survey of Social Perception of Science.

Among the most outstanding results are that the gender gap in terms of interest in science is reduced (traditionally it was of more interest to men), that social networks are now the first source of scientific information for Spaniards.

In EL ESPAÑOL we have prepared the same test on scientific knowledge to which they have submitted these 6,357 people. Do you think you know more than average? Go ahead and complete the test and read below the results of the rest of the respondents.

How many people have answered the questions?

Of the six questions posed, the one that received the most correct answers was that the earth spins around the sun, 88% of the Spanish answered it correctly. Also 85% were correct in that lasers work by concentrating light waves.

Three other questions had a high percentage of correct answers, although less than the previous two. That eating a genetically modified fruit does not influence genes of the person who eats it was evident to 79%, while the continents have been and will be in motion it was for 78%. Finally, 76% of Spaniards know that humans have never lived with dinosaurs.

The question that generated the most doubts was related to the antibiotics. Only 53% were correct that serve to cure bacterial infections.