With hypertrophic heart disease that had led to terminal heart failure, transplantation was the only solution for Antonio.

His son arrived with a heart under his arm for him.

Antonio Salvador, 39, was in the middle of March with his wife in the dilation room of the Maternity Hospital of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital (Madrid, Spain), their first child was about to be born. At that moment, got a call from his cardiologists from the hospital informing him that the National Transplant Organization (ONT) had notified them that there was a compatible donation and that he was the indicated candidate for transplantation.

“The truth is that they joined us two very special moments that we have been waiting for for a long time. It took me a few minutes to make the decision because it involved missing the birth of my first child. However, in less than an hour they were preparing me in the building next door for the intervention. When I entered the operating room, I had not yet been a father, I spoke with my wife by video call and we wish each other both luck. When I woke up I had a double satisfaction ”, affirms the patient.

Antonio Salvador.

Antonio Salvador.

Verónica Hernández, the midwife who attended the birth process of Antonio’s wife, assures that “when they told me that the future father had to leave the delivery room I was very surprised, I did not understand what could motivate such a decision. When I found out why I had a very great feeling of joy and I could only think of accompanying the mother and that everything went well, as it did ”.

Ana, Antonio’s wife explains that “each one faced their own moment separately but with joy to know that everything was going to be fine. I couldn’t believe that after 10 years we were going to receive the most wonderful thing in our life at the same time that Antonio received the life he needed. Our son Samuel came with a heart under his arm for his father ”says Ana.

“We called the patient who was in the delivery room with his wife, at first he was shocked and had his doubts, logical, but he simply needed a few minutes to assimilate the news because these calls occur in an unpredictable way. Her doctors knew that they were awaiting delivery, and everything coincided, finally the patient made the right decision “, narrates Eduardo Zatarain, associate doctor of the Hospital’s Cardiology Service.

The three birthdays

When in 2002 Antonio had a cardiac arrest when exiting the subway, a nurse from the Gregorio Marañón Hospital he was the one who revived him. Since that day, he has always said that he had two birthdays because “that day they saved my life.” “After receiving the heart transplant and my son was born that same day, we are going to start celebrating three birthdays,” says Antonio.

According to Manuel Ruiz Fernández, a doctor from the Cardiac Surgery Service who performed the transplant, “Antonio had hypertrophic heart disease, a hereditary disease which produces a thickening of the myocardium and makes it difficult for blood to leave the heart, which causes it to have to work more to be able to pump it. Many patients with this type of heart disease end up in heart failure endsHe and, as in Antonio’s case, heart transplantation is the only solution. That day he was born again and his son was also born, I’m sure they will remember him for a lifetime ”.

“Fortunately, everything turned out very well. Antonio made the right decision since his heart was progressively deteriorating. Now you will be able to lead a relatively normal life, you will have to be careful the first year with infections and we will control the possible rejection of the organ with the latest generation drugs. We do not study these situations in books and the entire multidisciplinary team that treats Antonio had moments of nerves, but knowing that we have prolonged survival and improved quality of life It makes up for everything, ”says Eduardo Zatarain, assistant physician at the hospital’s Cardiology Service.

Antonio has stated that his greatest illusion is “to get out of the hospital to be able to meet my son in person and be able to hug him “and thanked all the hospital staff” for their involvement despite continuing in the middle of a pandemic and the collaboration and affection that we have felt from all the professionals. ” He has also expressed his gratitude to “the enormous generosity of the donor” who made his transplant possible.

The Gregorio Marañón Hospital, with 23 transplants, is the leader in heart transplants in the Community of Madrid and has become the third health center that has carried out more interventions of this type in the last year in our country. It should be noted that it is the second Spanish hospital in terms of the number of pediatric heart transplants, with 7 made in the last year.