NASA classifies 2014 JO25 as “potentially dangerous”, but don’t suffer: it will pass at a distance of 1.8 million kilometers.

Illustration of 2014 JO25.

When asteroid 2014 JO25 passes close to Earth on April 19, it will become the largest object we have ever had in the vicinity of our planet in several years. What’s more, we probably won’t receive a similar visit again for another decade. According to NASA, “the next approach of an object of comparable or larger diameter will occur when the 800-meter asteroid approaches a Moon away by august 2027“.

And as for 2014 JO25, it won’t be that close to us again for 480 years according to calculations by NASA astrophysicists.

The asteroid, with a diameter of between 640 meters and 1.4 kilometers, is without a doubt the greatest of those that will approach less than five lunar distances this year (4.6 to be specific) but in no case the only one. For example, on October 12, the asteroid 2012 TC4 – between 12 and 27 meters in diameter – will approach just 0.04 lunar distances, barely 15,300 kilometers.

In comparison, the 1.8 million kilometers that 2014 JO25 will pass are a trifle for the safety of the human race, although the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union classifies it as “potentially dangerous”Without a doubt the main interest of the asteroid is scientific.

Fear sells

However, predictably, the comet’s approach to Earth is making headlines. worthy of Armageddon. Here’s a small selection of the craziest ones:

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This is how news like this is illustrated.

This is how news like this is illustrated.

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Do not panic.

Do not panic.

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