Odette causes a storm of wind and waves, with low temperatures for the time and snowfalls at “unusually low” levels.

Position of the squall 'Odette' over Europe.  AEMET / EUMETSAT

The weekend will be marked by the passing of the squall ‘Odette’, which in its wake will leave intense wind, cold, abundant rainfall and even snowfall in the north of the Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, as reported by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

The AEMET spokesperson, Ruben del Campo, has indicated that ‘Odette’ is already here and that so far it is causing a storm of wind and waves, with low temperatures for the season and rain and snowfall at “unusually low” levels.

Thus, he has specified that so far this Friday, the Wind has blown strong in the north, center and east of the Peninsula and has highlighted the streak of 136 kilometers per hour, registered in Machichaco (Vizcaya) Y the 96 kilometers per square meter in Santander. He has also said that they have been accounted for gusts exceeding 90 kilometers per hour at points in the Central and Iberian systems and in the interior of the province of Castellón.

As for rainfall, until 9:30 am this Friday, they have been collected up to 41 liters per square meter in Vega de Bidasoa, in the north of Navarra, or 42 liters per square meter in Santander; as well as 36 liters per square meter in Irún (Guipúzcoa).

Del Campo has added that as planned they have descended by the entrance of a polar air mass originating from latitudes very high, so that until 9.30 am in Lleida, at 2,400 meters high the mercury marked -5ºC and in Cerler (Huesca) around that same height, there was also -3ºC. At Port of Navacerrada (Madrid), at about 1,900 meters a minimum of 0ºC.

In this way, he has predicted that throughout Friday there will be snowfalls in the Pyrenees, the Cantabrian mountains and north of the Iberian System to quotas located from 2,400 meters.

During the day he hopes that the intense flow of northwest wind over the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands will provoke abundant and persistent rainfall in the extreme north of the peninsula, specially in the eastern Cantabrian, northern Navarra and the Pyrenees, where they could also become locally strong.

In addition, the rainfall will be in the form of snow in northern mountain areas at low levels for this time of year, especially this Friday, when the level will drop to 1,400 or 1,800 meters. They will also be likely showers and even some storms in the eastern Balearic Islands, which could be locally strong on Sunday in the early hours and there will be cloudy intervals in the rest of the northern half of the peninsula, and little cloud in the southern half.

Regarding temperatures, the AEMET has predicted that they will drop in the Balearic Islands and in the Peninsula they will fall on Friday but will rise later. In any case, in general they will be much lower than normal for these dates.

Likewise, it has indicated that the storm of wind and waves will continue on Saturday morning in the same areas although it will tend to loosen slightly throughout the day, although there will still be “higher” gusts of between 70 and 90 kilometers per hour in points of the north-eastern Cantabrian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands both on Saturday and Sunday.

The wind will blow from the west or from the northwest strong with strong intervals in the Cantabrian Sea, the northeast quadrant of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands and will tend to loosen especially on Sunday 27.

About Canaries trade winds are expected that will be reinforced throughout the weekend and will blow locally on Sunday when rains are expected in the north of the islands of greater relief. At archipelago temperatures will rise on Friday but fall on Sunday, especially in the mediocrities.

Pick up next week

Looking ahead to next week, the last of September and the first of October, the AEMET has forecast a start of week of dry and stable weather in most of the country and in which they will predominate slightly cloudy or clear skies, except in the north of Galicia, the Cantabrian Sea and the Pyrenees, where some weak and scattered rains are not ruled out, and some shower or storm at the beginning in the east of the Balearic Islands.

From the Friday, October 2 go probably again an atlantic front quite active between the northwest of the Peninsula and affecting most of the northwest half, with rainfall that could be accompanied by storms And be locally strong or persistent in Galicia, the Cantabrian area, the Pyrenees and the west of the Central system. It is also possible that they affect other areas of the Peninsula, although they are not expected in the south of Levante and they are not ruled out in the Balearic Islands.

The temperatures will rise next week in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands and they will recover normal values ​​for the time. The spokesperson has stressed that it will even be possible to talk about higher than normal temperatures in the southern half on Wednesday and Thursday, when 32 degrees Celsius can be exceeded in Extremadura and western Andalusia. However, it is likely that the thermometers in the Peninsula will drop again on Friday.

The wind will be light in general, although with strong Levante intervals in the Strait, and will intensify in the Peninsula as of Friday 2, with possible strong west component winds or with strong intervals in the extreme north, northwest quadrant and other areas. of Mountain. Finally, the Canary Islands will continue with its trade wind regime that will lead to probable weak rains in the north of the islands of greater relief.