The combination of an Atlantic storm with a bagging of cold air in height will cause a strong storm all week.

Accumulated rainfall at the end of next Wednesday.  METEORED

The formation of a storm in the south of the peninsula next to the arrival of a very humid and unstable air mass will favor this week an episode of “Abundant rains” and snowfall, in addition to a drop in temperatures in large areas of the country.

As of Tuesday, a significant drop in temperatures and rainfall is already expected in a strip that includes from Catalonia to western Andalusia, advance the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in a statement, where it details that in points in the central peninsula and in the north of Catalonia the rains can be persistent or strong starting in the afternoon.

“The meteorological scenario that we had these days is already changing and will soon lead to an intense polar jet and a conductor of autumn precipitation to the peninsula. We will move on to a synoptic system known as ‘Omega’ configuration, with an Atlantic storm which will be located in the Gulf of Cádiz next to a cold air pocket at height. This conjunction will lead to a BFA (isolated cold storm)“, Explain Francisco Martin, Meteored meteorologist.

Wednesday will will keep rainfall in the same areas, decreasing in Catalonia, and being locally strong or persistent and with storms in the central area, points in the southern half, especially in southern Andalusia, and throughout the day in the Levante area, especially in the Valencian Community.

Another significant phenomenon will be the appearance of snow at relatively low elevations in the mountainous areas of the central zone (between 900 and 1,100 meters), Specially in the east of the Central System and in the north of the Iberian System, where it is likely to fall heavily, although throughout the day the level will rise rapidly.

The decrease in temperatures will continue and the wind will be east, with Fort intervals on the coasts of Galicia and Asturias, the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean coast of the peninsula.

“Throughout Wednesday, a trough over the Peninsula will be lowered and strangled at the same time, forming a dana that will be located to the southwest of the peninsula. The dana will have its Surface reflection with an isolated cold squall (BFA). The presence of this BFA guarantees, at the beginning of the episode, Abundant and intense rainfall irregularly distributed in different parts of the Iberian Peninsula and a significant drop in temperatures ”, he explains Jose Miguel Viñas, Meteored meteorologist.

“The BFA will remain attached to the dana for several days, which will maintain during a good part of the week conditions of marked atmospheric instability “adds the specialist.

For him Thursday, It is expected that the rains are maintained in a good part of the Peninsula, what will be weaker and more dispersed the further north, although the probability that they are locally strong or persistent in the southwest quadrant of the peninsula and in the Levante area remains.

Temperatures will rise significantly in the northern half and the east component winds will continue with strong intervals on the coasts of Galicia and Asturias, the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean coast of the peninsula.

On Friday and Saturday the instability will continue, with the squall moving north to be located to the west of the Peninsula, with which the flow will tend to be of a southern component.

During those days they will remain rainfall in much of the Peninsula, although there is some uncertainty about which will be the areas where the greatest accumulations will occur. As of Sunday, a stabilization of the atmosphere is likely to occur, with decreased rainfall.