A 16-year-old young man died in Platja d’Aro while snorkeling and everything indicates that it was due to an anaphylactic ‘shock’ caused by contact with a spider fish.

A spider fish hidden in the sand.

The minor under 16 who died last Saturday, August 15, on the large beach of Platja d’Aro (Girona) got bitten by a spider fish while snorkeling, according to the first results of the autopsy released by his parents.

The parents of the young man, a neighbor of Montagut i Oix (Girona), have assured that, according to these data, the adolescent suffered a shock anaphylactic after the bite.

In a statement made public this Wednesday, the parents attribute what happened to the bite of a spider fish, Trachinus araneus, although this point has not yet been confirmed by the agents of the Civil Guard Judicial Police Unit who are handling the case because the family has not yet handed over to them. the camera with which the minor filmed the seabed at the time of his death.

The events took place around 3:30 p.m., when the parents realized that they hadn’t seen their son for a long time, who was snorkeling, and they alerted the lifeguards, who activated the emergency services, but, finally, it was some bathers who located him at around 4:15 p.m.

The young man was transferred to the sand and the lifeguards tried to revive him, without success.

According to sources close to the case, the small wound of between 2 and 3 millimeters that the minor had in the windpipe, near the nut, and some marks on his face made both the investigators and the family suspect that it was not a normal drowning.

The autopsy has been carried out by the Institute of Legal Medicine (IMLC) of Girona and is being pending the results of toxicological tests sent to the National Institute of Toxicology in Barcelona, ​​although, for now, everything points to a death by shock anaphylactic by reaction to a toxin.

The family details in the statement that the minor was snorkeling “when he found a jellyfish 100 meters from the beach that took him to a strange and very colorful fish and with a harmless face, he could only film him 30 seconds from a distance, in the last second he disappeared and made an instant mortal pinch in the jaw “.

Parents relate what the camera images pick up, although they admit not having seen them personally “by prescription.”

The spider fish, which can measure up to half a meterIt lives semi-buried in sandy bottoms and only reveals the eyes and the first of the two dorsal fins it possesses, made up of six or seven hard black rays connected to a venom gland.

Spiderfish toxin normally causes burning sensation and intense pain which is calmed with hot water, although it can also cause dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness and even death from shock anaphylactic.