The entry of a cold air mass from the north will cause the thermometers to plummet over the weekend.

Map of the minimum temperatures expected this Friday in Spain.

After several days with significantly high temperatures in many areas of the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, a marked and generalized thermal decline is expected as of this Friday, due to the entry of cold north component air by the joint action of the Atlantic anticyclone and a storm that will be located in the north of France.

This irruption of cold air will begin tomorrow in the northern third of the peninsula, coinciding with the passage of an Atlantic front that will cause rainfall in the extreme north and locally strong showers accompanied by storms in the afternoon in the northeast. Could even fall some hail in the northeast of the peninsula.

The rains too They will affect part of the Catalan community, the Pyrenees and the south of the Iberian System. Some precipitation is also expected, although weaker in the Cantabrian Sea.

Both the maximum and minimum temperatures, they will fall in the northern third in a remarkable and even extraordinary way (more than 10 ºC), without affecting the Mediterranean area tomorrow, where they will remain and even rise on the southeast coast. In the peninsular territory the drop can be up to 8ºC in the northern interior. A general decline is also expected in the Canary Islands, although very high temperatures are still expected in the mid-range of the more mountainous islands.

As of Saturday 29, the thermal decrease will extend to the rest of the Peninsula and the entire Mediterranean area, with maximum and minimum temperatures much lower than the usual values ​​for the time of year. Rainfall will continue in the extreme north and showers with locally strong storms in the northeast of the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands. On Sunday the rains will persist in the Cantabrian and northern Navarra, as well as in the northeast and the Balearic Islands, although with less intensity than in previous days.

In the Canary Islands, a very marked and generalized drop in temperatures is also expected throughout the archipelago, which can become extraordinary on the peaks.

It is likely that on Sunday 30 the temperatures will stabilize in much of the country, except in the southeast and in both archipelagos, where they are expected to continue to decline, especially in the case of the minimum. As a result of this meteorological anomaly, there could even be some precipitation in the form of snow in the Pyrenees during the weekend.

Likewise, as of Monday 31st, a new thermal rise will probably begin in the north of the peninsula, possibly extending to the rest of the Peninsula and the Canary Islands.