Maximum temperatures will drop to 10ºC and in many parts of the Peninsula they will not exceed 20ºC throughout the day.

Variations in temperatures forecast for Friday, September 25.  The time is

Autumn arrives with force and although the temperatures will begin to drop on Thursday, it will be Friday when thermometers plummet to 10ºC in some parts of the interior by an inlet of very cold polar air, reports

Besides, the wind chill can be even lower. The north component wind, that will blow strongly in the eastern Cantabrian, northeast peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, will leave warnings for gusts of wind from 80-90 km / h this Friday.

A weekend with cold atmosphere since after the drop in temperatures on Friday the thermometers will not be able to recover. The maximums will not reach 20ºC in large areas of the country and Minimum in many cases will not reach 10ºC.

For what is this?

We will have the perfect setup for a wintry weather episode: a powerful Atlantic anticyclone just west of the peninsula and predominance of low pressures over the European continent.

Is pressure difference between both zones generates a north wind hall over Spain which is responsible for dragging air masses from higher latitudes, producing a discharge of cold air over our country.

However, this same configuration will also mean that in Spain there is a clear exception: in the Canary Islands there will be a notable rise in temperatures this same Friday, with an entrance of warm air from the African continent loaded with haze or suspended dust. The tTemperatures in the archipelago will be above normal, highlighting the anomaly in the midlands and high areas of the islands of greater relief.

Could it snow?

Autumn could debut in all its splendor with the first major frosts in high areas. Also, the first snow of the season In the mountain range Cantabrian and, above all, in the Pyrenees, where the accumulated thicknesses could be important, exceeding the 40-50 cm in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

The drop in temperatures will be accentuated at the end of the week “as a consequence of a mass of cold air coming from the North Atlantic” according to Ruben del Campo, spokesperson for the Meteorology Statal Agency (Aemet) .The rains will continue during the day on Wednesday and that, due to the entry of a front from the northeast, will leave stormy showers “locally strong and persistent” in Cantabria and in areas of the Pyrenees, that will spread “with less intensity” in areas of Catalonia and the Balearic archipelago during the day this Thursday.

Forecast for September 23.

While on Friday there will be locally intense rains and showers in Cantabria, the extreme north of Castilla y León, in areas of Navarra and La Rioja and in the Pyrenees surroundingsThursday and Friday will be characterized above all by a drop in temperatures that can exceedr 10 degrees minus in the eastern interior of the peninsula, Meanwhile in the northern half the values ​​will be reduced between 5 and 10 degrees “to the usual for these times”Furthermore, in lIn the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian mountain ranges, snow could appear at elevations above 2,400 meters, a height that, as explained by the Aemet spokesperson, is “low for the month of September“.In the IIn the Canary Islands the weather will remain warm with temperatures that could exceed 34 degrees and with little rainfall only in the north of the most mountainous islands.